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   Chapter 233 Drive Lily Away

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The next day, Kate woke up comfortably in the arms of Brian. As soon as she opened her eyes, it was so nice to see him, so Brian bent down, kissed her lips, and said, "good morning, Kitty."

"Good morning, Mr. CEO." Kate looked up at him and said with a smile.

Noticing that Kate's face was still pale, Brian frowned a little. He rubbed her hair, "don't be too nervous."

"I'm not nervous." Kate said naturally.

"Well, that's good. Remember to tell me if you have anything." Brian said to Kate worriedly.

Kate nodded. Although she was not very clear about what happened last night, she still remembered that doctor Huo had come, and she didn't know what's wrong with her body either.

Either her head was lethargic, or her body was unusually excited, and her strength seemed to be unable to release. She just wanted to release herself, and she was unable to control herself.

"You are such a lovely kitten." Kate didn't want to fight with Brian anymore. She just wanted to sleep in her master's arms.

"Yes." The low groan she made in his arms was enough to show her laziness and inability.

After accompanying Kate for a while, Brian was about to stand up. Feeling the warmth of Brian faded away from her, she suddenly felt a pang of panic. She stared at the movements of Brian with her eyes wide open. She wanted him to stay, but she didn't want to influence his work.

She hesitated for a long time, but still didn't stretch out her hand.

"I'm leaving." Said Brian in a soft voice, as he leaned close to her nose and gently kissed it.

Kate nodded and watched him leave. She quickly got into bed. She felt like her head was stuffed with something that made her unable to escape. She was heavy and tired.

When there was a noise coming from the door, Kate stretched out her head from the quilt. It was Lily. She brought the food here and sat next to her, looking at her worried and regretful.

"Kate, are you feeling better now?" Lily asked cautiously.

"Much better." Kate got up from the bed and took over the black herbal soup from Lily. She wanted to throw up when she saw it.

However, when Kate saw the expectant look in Lily's eyes, she was disgusted and drank off the wine in one gulp.

"Yes. Today mom asked me to go home. Will you go with me? Or stay here? " Lily said with hesitation.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me." Kate smiled kindly.

Lily nodded and sighed. She looked at Kate's belly and said, "you need to take good care of yourself. I want to see a pink baby. My brother's baby must be very handsome and cute."

"……" Kate felt speechless and thought, 'this is also my child. If not for her, could Brian give birth to the child?'?

"Kate, I'll take care of the baby for you. You could just go play with my brother." Lily said with a big smile on her face. After knowing that she herself was also pregnant, Lily was more looking forward to the birth of Kate's baby.

interrupted, "who do you think you are? You will be taught a bad lesson by staying with that bitch and her daughter!"

"Juliet, you can be mad at Mary. Don't vent your anger on Kate." William frowned.

"Exactly. Don't say Kate is a bitch again." Lily echoed William after a short while of surprise.

Juliet was trembling with anger by William's and Lily's words. She looked at Colin and said, "take her to the company these two days. She is not allowed to go to the villa."

"What do you mean? Lily and Kate get along so well that you are jealous? Colin, send Lily back after dinner! " William knocked on the ground heavily with his hand holding a walking stick. His voice was low and loud, showing his powerful momentum.

Hearing that, Juliet didn't dare to force William. She said sadly, "you sent Lily and Zoey to the villa, is it so difficult for me to find someone to talk with?"

"I'll ask second sister-in-law to come back and accompany you." Lily said immediately.

Lily wished that Zoey could leave the villa so that she wouldn't be worried that Zoey would hurt Kate all day.

"Colin, take her upstairs." Juliet threw a cold blade at Lily. Lily shrank her head. Colin nodded his head and took her upstairs, without saying a word.

Noticing the annoyed look on Juliet's face, Lily wondered why she had been invited back? She had never acted like a good child in front of her mother, not like Zoey.

If Juliet just wanted someone to keep her company, then Zoey was more suitable than her, wasn't she? Juliet was unhappy to see her. She didn't want her to come back at all.

Just as Colin put her on the bed, Lily pushed him away. She frowned and stared at him, "I'm not injured. What are you talking about?"

"Well, give them some time to get used to it." Sitting next to Lily, Colin rubbed her head with a smile.

"……" Now that she didn't understand what he meant, she just slipped into the quilt and played with her phone.

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