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   Chapter 232 Kate Was Insane

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William went back after dinner in the villa. Kate didn't know what on earth Mary and William had talked about, but it seemed that they were both in good conditions.

"Kate, eat more." William delivered the food to Kate frequently. Trying not to vomit, Kate smiled and said, "thank you, Dad William."

William said, "Kate, you can call me dad, just like Lily and the others. We are a family now. You don't have to be overcautious. "

Kate looked at Mary in surprise. Mary still frowned at what William said, but was not as disgusted as before.

"Colin and Brian are very busy recently. It's hard for you." William said to Zoey and Kate.

"It doesn't matter. We'll have plenty of time to get along with each other," said Zoey cleverly

Colin hadn't spent the night here since Zoey came to the villa.

"Zoey, you and Colin have to work hard too. Do not wait until Kate's baby can jump and run." William smiled again.

Zoey nodded.

With that, William turned to Lily. She kept silent and lowered her head to eat, trying to reduce her sense of presence, but no matter how hard she lowered herself, William still pulled her out.

"Hobson, I know how you feel about Lily. I'm sure you'll take care of her." Said William kindly.

"I will take good care of her. Don't worry, uncle," hurriedly answered Hobson

"Lily, you too, have to be considerate to others. Let the past be the past. You are lucky to be with a good kid like Hobson. " Added William.

The past included the scandals of Lily and Brian, and the kidnapping incident of Carlos.

Lily curled her lip in discontent. What William meant was that she had actually lost her virginity. She couldn't think of anyone else who would want to marry her except for Hobson. If someone wanted her, she would be unwilling to marry him. It was not wrong to stay at home all her life

Glancing at William and Mary, Kate couldn't help but remember the scene that the three of them had dinner ten years ago. She hadn't thought that they would still get together like this after ten years.

It felt like a century had passed.

Kate felt dizzy again and tried to get up. It was strange. She had slept for almost a day today. What was going on? Why was she still sleepy? Her mind was in a mess and she couldn't sort it out.

"Mom and Dad, I'm full. I'll go to my room." Kate didn't want them to see her being abnormal, so she stood up and said to them.

Kate called them that way sometimes when they were kids. Even though struck dumb by her words, Mary and William thought it was appropriate.

Mary and William exchanged a glance and then quickly looked away. In addition to embarrassment, ther

Mary added

Lily nodded. As Kate's mother, there was no reason for Mary not to worry about Kate. She called Zoey when she left and felt uncomfortable when seeing Zoey there.

She knew that Zoey would never hurt Kate, but her affection for Zoey was almost zero since she learned that Zoey came to the villa for the purpose of seducing her brother.

Brian back at midnight. When Mary saw him coming back, she simply told him about Kate's situation. Then Brian thanked Mary politely and sat next to Kate's bed, without even changing her clothes. Looking at Kate who was sleeping soundly, Brian was in a daze.

When he came back two days ago, he always saw the terrified look on Kate's face. Only when he stayed with her could she be relaxed.

The nerves of pregnant women were relatively frail, which could be understood by Brian, but her being like this would only make his heart ache.

"Kitten, it's my fault. You are frightened." Brian held her hands and spoke in an extremely soft voice. Only when his eyes met with Kate could he put off his cold mask. The gentleness hidden under the mask poured out.

On the other side, as if feeling the coming back of Brian, Kate groaned and fell asleep again. Looking at her cute appearance, Brian bursted into laughter.

He sat on the bedside for a while and went to take a shower. After that, he put on a pajama and lay down beside Kate, holding her in his arms.

After a long time, Brian turned off the light and fell asleep quietly with his arms around her.

It was a beautiful dream. Kate was holding a baby's hand and on the other was the baby's father, Brian with a cold face. Kate laughed. In her dream, her CEO was indeed a stern and serious father.

The dream was so beautiful that Kate was obsessed with it.

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