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   Chapter 227 Finding Carrie

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Before returning to the villa, Lily specially went to the supermarket to buy some plum blossoms and fruits that Kate liked to eat now. Colin followed her and pushed the cart. Although they didn't talk much, they felt like being together.

Looking at the young girl in front of him, Colin couldn't help spoiling her.

Everything he did for her was worth it, but when the truth came out, and when she knew that he was just the substitute of her brother, would she look down on him? After all, he was just an orphan abandoned by his parents.

When the time came, even Lily wanted to escape, Colin would not let her go, never.

"You want to use this brand?" Amused by the way Colin spoke, Lily put a packet of sanitary pad into the shopping basket behind his back. With a quick glance at him, she said nothing.

Hearing that, Colin didn't get angry. It seemed that since childhood, Colin seldom got angry with Lily. Whenever she lost her temper, he could coax her. After they finished shopping, Lily habitually waited for Colin to pay the bill.

"Little girl, your boyfriend is very handsome." The salesman couldn't help but take a few more glances at Colin. It was rare to see such a handsome, gentle and handsome man

Lily lowered her head in silence. He was not her boyfriend. He was her brother

Hearing this, Colin was naturally happy. He held the bag in one hand, and held the little hand of Lily in the other. Then they walked out of the shop one after another.

When she was walking, Lily lifted her head secretly and looked at Colin in front of her. She seemed to have noticed for the first time that Colin was tall, and she was only barely to his chest

Bah, she can grow tall She was not short at all

But when she thought that Kate was much taller than her, Lily felt depressed.

On their way back, Lily paid no attention to him. She was still enjoying the view outside the window.

When they arrived at the gate of Brian's villa, Colin stopped the car. He leaned over and kissed on the corner of her mouth. Her face was controlled by his hands. Lily couldn't resist.

"Lily, stay out of Carrie's business. You don't have the power." Said Colin, with his forehead against hers.

Lily turned around, snorted, opened the door and jumped out of the car carrying a shopping bag. She slammed the door and kicked the wheels hard to stop.

"……" Colin was in silence.

Not far away from them, Hobson was waiting for Lily. When he saw her, he quickly walked up to her, took the things in her hands and asked with concern, "where have you been? I heard from Maria that you didn't come back to the villa yesterday. "

Lily felt a little guilty when she saw Hobson. She laughed and said, "I've been looking for Carrie, but I didn't find her."

I have to use one hundred lies to convince myself. Lily finally understood that.

With these words, they walked into the front door of the villa. Far away, Colin quietl

dded her head. There were too many people on the road. Hobson held her hand naturally and said with a smile, "follow me closely. Don't get lost." Lily rolled her eyes at him with a sullen face. He just wanted to take advantage of her, no need to say so many reasons

It was near to the downtown area of Z city. All kinds of high buildings could be seen and dazzled by the kinds of shops. When Lily raised her head, she suddenly saw the high-profile G.S building.

They walked to the gate of the building of G.S. Lily frowned, asked Hobson, "hey, who did G.S belong to?"

Hobson frowned, "I don't know, and even have no idea when it was established. It has been a long time, but it developed quickly in several months. Since it had never been known to the top ten company in Z City, many people speculated that G.S Group might have something to do with the underworld. After all, gangsters are the easiest to get money in this world. "

Lily raised her head to look at the golden letters G and S. all of a sudden, she saw a figure standing beside the window in the twenties and staring at her.

Since they were too far away, Lily certainly couldn't see the person clearly, but she didn't know where she grew a confidence that the person was Colin.

Why was Colin in G.S? What was the relationship between him and G.S? Or partner or boss?

"What are you looking at?" Hobson looked at Lily in confusion. He followed her gaze but saw nothing.

"Lily?" Hobson's voice was so loud that Lily came to her senses.

"Why are you always absent-minded? You are easily been kidnapped in this state." asked Hobson, frowning slightly

Then he gazed at Lily who was kidnapped People wanted to protect such girl that he wouldn't let anyone hurt her.

"I won't be kidnapped. Let's go." Lily turned her head and explained loudly like a proud kitten. Then she raised her head and walked in front of Hobson.

Seeing this, Hobson smiled helplessly and followed him.

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