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   Chapter 226 A Happy Future

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When they returned to the Li family's mansion, Lily was still not there. And Kate didn't care about it at all. She had nothing to worry about as Lily was with Colin.

Seeing that Brian and Kate came back, Zoey served them the chicken soup with great enthusiasm. "Brother, sister-in-law, you're back. Have some soup."

Looking at the beautiful and pure smile on Zoey's face, Kate remembered that Lily had told her that Zoey had confessed to Brian? But now there could not be a thing at all. If Lily was telling the truth, then Zoey's acting skill was more superb than her mother's.

"Thank you. We had dinner outside." At the sight of Brian's invisibly wrinkled eyebrows, Kate refused Zoey politely.

Zoey felt a little hurt, "Sister-in-law, have you ever treated me as a member of Li family?"

"No, Zoey, we really had dinner outside. The tonics you gave me are very good, and my spirit is even better than before. Thank you very much." Kate was good at telling lies.

As the saying goes, "don't hurt others, and guard against the harm others must do.".

As for Zoey, Kate had always been on her guard. Since Zoey was not Lily, the less emotional a person was, the more horrible he would become. Besides, Zoey and Juliet were close to each other, which made Kate feel resistant to her in the bottom of her heart.

"Well, the food outside is not fresh. You'd better go home for dinner in the future." Said Zoey with a smile.

Kate giggled and said, "I know, Zoey. You don't have to cook for me anymore. The soup made by Lily and Maria is enough. You can also see Lily's attitude. She doesn't want anything bad to happen to the baby."

Besides, I feel sorry for letting you, a noble lady, to do such things. You can come here to have fun. Now the fetus is stable. There is nothing to worry about. " Said Kate.

Kate was moved and reasonable, and her voice was so soft that nobody could refuse her.

Hearing Kate's words, Zoey could do nothing but nod with a smile. "Okay."

Zoey added, "Where is Lily? Where is she now? Last night, she didn't come back all night. Why is she... " Her voice was filled with dissatisfaction and helplessness.

"Lily is a thoughtless girl. Sister-in-law, please persuade her if you have time," Zoey added.

Kate felt deeply ashamed. Zoey was trying to sow discord between her and Lily. She smiled and said, "don't worry. She is out with Colin. Zoey, don't you trust Colin?"

Zoey was speechless.

As arrogant as pure as Zoey, Kate stood up with holding hands with Brian and said to Zoey with a smile, "good night."

Zoey nodded. Looking at the back of Kate and Brian, who were talking and laughing happily, she became more and more jealous. Brian had always pulled a long face to her and never smiled in that way to her before.

Kate, who on earth are you? Why is Brian so protective of you? And Lily is like a 24-hour nurse. And Colin's attitude towards Kate

s too quick for her to have lunch.

"Kate, eat more," Seeing that Kate ate less and less, Mary quickly put all the dishes in her bowl, but she took them out in a bad mood, "I don't want to eat any more. Enjoy yourselves."

Lily still didn't come back. On the way, Kate walked towards her study while calling her.

"What's wrong, Kate?" Lily asked merrily.

"Hmm, it seems that you had a great time last night. You sound very happy." Kate teased Lily as she leaned back to open the medical book.

"Ahem!" Lily was choked by the milk. She said resignedly, "don't say anything shocking, okay? I'm just drinking milk."

With a slight smile on her face, Kate asked, "when will you come back?"

"I'll go back later. What do you want to eat? I'll bring it back for you. Dark plum?" Lily probed.

"Well, if you want to eat, just say it, haha."

"……" What did Kate mean by saying she wanted to eat black plum? Lily hung up the phone angrily. She bought the green plum blossom to make Kate have a good appetite, though she also liked eating sour things recently. It was strange

Colin took a seat opposite Lily and put all her favorite dishes in her bowl. Lily put the bowl down. "Take me to buy something later." Her tone was like a queen.

"Besides, Colin, do you know where Carrie is? I'll call the police if you don't know it. " Colin looked up at her, even changing her calling to him directly from brother to original name.

Colin's eyebrows were twitching, and he answered kindly, "I don't know." Then he added in a soft voice, "Lily, I prefer you to call me brother. You don't have to change the way you call me."

"You wish, you freak!" Hearing this, Lily stared at Colin with her eyes wide open.

Colin drank up the soup elegantly and slowly asked, "are we going back now?"

Lily nodded in agreement and hurried to catch up with Colin. Yesterday, Colin gave Lily medicine to strengthen her body, which made her confused.

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