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   Chapter 225 Stroll In A Park

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Colin frowned when he saw Lily trembling. In her eyes, he had become a real devil?

He became serious slightly. He reached out and held her hands and said, "I lied to you. Carrie was not killed and I don't know where she is now."

He had just treated people in their own way. Now that Carrie wanted to ask people to take turns insulting Lily, then he would find twice as many people to insult her. As for the fate of that girl, it was none of our business.

Moreover, he didn't want to tell Lily that her good friend Carrie didn't intend to apologize. What Carrie wanted to do was to put Lily to death all the time. Whether she help Carlos commit a crime, or she did this.

He knew that Carrie was the best friend of Lily. However, he had done a lot of bad things and he was not afraid to do one more bad thing.

"You bastard! I don't believe you!" Lily stared at Colin as if he was a pile of rubbish. She wanted to stay away from him.

Colin gripped her wrist with slight strength. But Lily fell on him with only the slightest bit of strength.

"Lily, are you sleepy? Have a good sleep. " Colin's smile was vague in her eyes.

It was not until then that Lily realized that the milk must have been drugged. Damn Colin!

It was not until evening that Kate woke up. The man lying next to her is Brian. His face was beautiful. As she fondled him, she saw the smile on the corner of Brian's lips.

Kate stopped her right away and took back her hand. 'humph, I know he woke up.

"Kitten, you dare not touch me?" With a smile, without opening his eyes, Brian pinched her cheek accurately.

"I just saw that there were mosquitoes on your face. I wanted to give them a shot and then saw them flying away." Kate lied with a calm face.

"Yeah, in this season, If there were still mosquitoes in the ninth and fifth floor, those mosquitoes must be monster." said Brian without any expression on his face

"Fuck you! Son of a bitch! Will it be hard for you not to expose me!" Kate gritted her teeth with hatred.

"You've made such a mistake, little kitten. If I didn't correct your mistake, you'll be able make more mistakes," said Brian

"……" Kate turned around, depressed. She hoped that her baby wouldn't be like Brian.

They lay on the bed for a while and then slowly got up. Kate glanced at a stack of documents on his desk, turned her eyes to Brian and asked, "are you very busy these days? I can come back to help you. "

She didn't want him to work alone. He looked thinner and thinner but she got fatter and fatter, which was a big problem that was hard to handle.

"If you come to company, my work I can finish in one day will be done in two days." Brian slightly smiled and fondled her little head, "so, you should stay in the villa. When I finish my work, I will ask for maternity leave to accompany you in a long time."

"Haha..." Kate was speechles

ian's mouth.

After saying goodbye to Kate, Justin turned around and left.

Looking at the back of Justin, Kate had a complex feeling. The man next to her twisted her ear and said discontentedly, "Why are you still looking at him?"

Noticing the discontent on Brian's face, Kate pretended to say, "Justin has been taking care of me during your amnesia. He helped me when you wronged me and leaked the information about the Li group. I still remembered that he cooked noodles for me. It was very delicious!"

"Is it really delicious?" Brian's face was angry

Kate simply nodded her head and said: "well, well, it looks delicious."

She knew that Brian wouldn't do anything to her, because she was pregnant.

"Very good. I cooked it." The Brian suddenly burst into laughter. It was abnormal to be so coquettish under the dim streetlight.

'he said he cooked it?'? what do you mean?

"Isn't that the day Justin took me to the Faraway community?" Kate was confused.

Brian touched her head helplessly. "It's me who took you back. Are you angry?"

"But you said I was going to leak the news and fire me, why did you do that?" Kate was confused.

Turning his face to the other side, he couldn't explain it clearly. Though he had thought that Kate was the leaker and forgotten her, he couldn't help trying to keep her company. Seeing Justin there, he was even more angry.

Well, at that time, he sent her home without thinking and did not give Justin any chance to get close to her. Otherwise, who knows whether that Justin would take advantage of Kate.

Looking at the awkward beautiful face of Brian, Kate put her arms around his solid waist and looked up at his face with a smile. Some people, the more we get along with, the more reluctant to be away from each other.

Kate felt that she could never live without him.

They hugged each other in the soft and warm neon lights in the amusement park.

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