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   Chapter 221 An Invitation From Carrie

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9875

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When Lily came back to the villa, William had already left. Kate glanced at Lily, who was deliberately dodging, and asked, "you are out with Hobson?"

Lily shook her head. "I was just out for a walk."

"Lily, if you really don't want to be with Hobson, you can negotiate with dad. If you don't mention it, how could they know your intention?" Kate understood her and said.

Lily smiled bitterly. "Do you know, Kate? Since I knew that I was not William's biological daughter, I have always been afraid of being found out and dared not to be close to him. I am really afraid that the closer I am to him, the more angry he will be when the truth is revealed. "

"Anyway, Hobson's good to me. It's not a bad thing to be with him." Lily smiled and said, "you don't have to worry about it. I'm not you and your brother. There are few people who love each other and can be together."

Lily's statement made Kate speechless.

The reality was much colder than the dream.

Suddenly, Lily's phone rang. She took it out and saw the caller ID. it was Carrie. She was a little surprised when she saw the familiar but strange name. But she still answered the phone.

"Aunt, it's me." Carrie didn't change this address.

Kate, who was leaning against Lily, clearly heard what Carrie had said.

"What's wrong?" Lily's arrogant tone softened a little because she was Lily's only friend whom she hadn't contacted for a long time.

"I'm sorry for what happened last time. I also know that Hobson doesn't like me. Lily, I've held a classmate's party tonight. Would you like to join us?" Carrie invited her on the other side of the phone.

With a resigned smile, she said, "never mind. My classmates don't welcome me anyway. Enjoy yourself."

Everyone wanted to laugh at her, and now without Colin on her side, Lily couldn't complain to anyone.

"Come over here. If you don't want to go with them, I'll go with you. We haven't gone out together for a long time." Said Carrie.

"Okay, I'll come to you tonight." Lily agreed. It had been a long time since they went out to play last time.

After hanging up the phone, Lily was in a dilemma. Every time there was a party, Lily was in trouble Kate didn't like to face her classmates. She also remembered that Lily liked to stay with Brian and Colin during Lily's birthday party.

"You have a good relationship with Joe?" Asked Kate.

Lily nodded her head and replied, "it's kind of good. We are in the same dorm. Maybe I come from the same family with Carrie, I have a good relationship with her. The other two roommates always speak ill of me behind my back."

It was similar to the former dorm of Kate. Back then, Kate had a good relationship with Sherry, and her other two roommates moved out to avoid them.

"But Carrie is in love with Hobson. She has been keeping a distance from me ever since she knew that he kept badgering me. I was depressed at that time. Just a man who does

to destroy Lily, not to kill her. She hurriedly opened the door with the key.

The scene in the room made her difficult to understand. There was no one in this room that she hired. She saw Lily and Colin making out on the bed.

Why was it Colin

Aren't they brother and sister

The key in her hand fell down. She was still in shock. That time, there were only a few photos of Brian and Lily, and it was possible for her to frame them. But this time, she unexpectedly saw such a scene.

Hearing the noise, Colin raised his head and looked straight at Carrie with a pair of dark red eyes. Under his gaze, Carrie was trembling and had no time to pick up the key. She turned around, stumbled and left.

Why did this happen What the hell had she done How did Colin come here?

This time, the Li family wouldn't let her go. No, she was going to tell this to Hobson and wanted him to help her. Knowing his fiancee had an affair with her brother, Hobson must be very angry.

At the thought of this, Carrie, who was paralyzed in the elevator, anxiously called Hobson.

"What's wrong?" Hobson said indifferently.

"I saw Lily was with her brother." Said Carrie in a quivering voice, her lips turning blue with fright.

Hobson frowned and said, "it's not strange to be together."

"It's not like It was they are in the hotel... " Though Carrie's words were incoherent, Hobson finally understood what she meant.

"How could it be possible? You must be drunk. " Hobson didn't believe her.

Carrie was crazy, "I didn't make a mistake. It's true. It's true. Believe me! I'll die miserably. Hobson, help me. Take me away. Please take me away. I'll come to you. Take me away. "

"I've said that I love Lily and I'm going to be engaged to her. I hope you won't disturb me again." But Hobson didn't take Carrie's words seriously. He thought that she was just trying to find an excuse and got off the phone.

Carrie put down his cell phone, depressed.

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