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   Chapter 220 Collusion

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"Alas, I haven't got along well with her since I was a child. I am not a good father." William sighed slightly.

Kate didn't say anything.

Now, William didn't know that Lily was not his biological daughter. As long as nobody said anything about it, he would be able to know it.

Lying was the bottom line of human beings. Everyone of them had their own reasons to hide, and they did many things by hiding the truth from their elders.

"Lily has grown up a lot. She will forgive you in the future." Said Kate.

If William knew that Lily was not his biological daughter, no one knew what would happen. How long could he hide this secret from her? The Li family could not suffer any more.

"Well, Kate, you are so sensible." William looked at Kate and said with satisfaction.

Sensibility It turned out that she was a sensible child in William's eyes.

Kate smiled and said, "thank you, Dad William."

It was easier for her to let go of the past as she was a sensible girl. Life was not long, or short. It was really a waste of time to struggle with the past. They all knew what he meant, but only a small number of people could become the masters of emotions.

Kate and William chatted in a normal mood which was rare to see. However, Mary didn't lock herself in the room. She hid behind a round pillar on the second floor. Seeing that they were happily talking with each other, her heart was filled with complex emotions.

She hadn't seen such a scene for ten years A person didn't have many ten years in his life.

It was Mary's selfishness that she had never told Kate the truth. She was afraid that she would completely despise her, who was willing to be a mistress of other people.

Since last time when Kate texted her and asked her if she had already known that William had a home, she knew that. Kate knew a lot, and she could no longer hide it from her.

Now seeing Kate and William get back together, Mary wanted to laugh, but she felt choked and panic. Loneliness made her afraid.

Besides, her problem with Juliet couldn't be solved in a short time. The more close Kate and William were, the more disgusted Juliet was to Kate.

Juliet was so angry this time that she locked herself in her room as soon as she got back to the Li mansion. Zoey followed her and comforted her. Looking at Zoey, Juliet couldn't help but feel angry when she thought of Lily, who was with Kate in the villa.

"I don't know what medicine Lily has taken! She idiot! " Juliet swore angrily.

At the thought of the change in Lily's attitude towards her, Zoey frowned and persuaded Juliet worriedly, "I'm also worried about Lily. She didn't allow me to feed sister-in-law this morning. Her eyes were full of caution."

She thought for a while and smiled softly, "maybe it's because I have married into Li family not for long, she has a hostile attitude towards me. After all, she has been with her eldest sister-in-law for a long time. If I didn't feel her pulse, they wouldn't even tell me. "

hat had been missing since childhood. Occasionally, there were William, Juliet and Brian's.

He even found some photos of Lily, who was still in her infancy. The photos showed that she was chubby and adorable. Perhaps both William and Juliet didn't put the photo of Lily in such a complete range, which fully showed how much Colin cared about his sister.

In the picture, Lily, who was about ten years old, was lying on Colin's 16-year-old body. Colin's lips clung to Lily's nose. The two's faces were covered with sweet cream, looking like conjoined twin babies.

Seeing that, Zoey was shocked. She still couldn't connect Colin and Lily as a couple. She shook her head and drove that terrible idea out of her mind. Although sometimes, it was too much for Colin to dote on Lily, they were just brother and sister.

It was a long time before Zoey closed the photo album. She didn't care much about other people's affairs. All she wanted was to stay with Brian.

The door was pushed open. Zoey, who hadn't put away the album yet, stared at the person that came in and wondered, 'it's Colin. Why does he come back now?'?

Seeing the photo album in Zoey's hand, something unusual flashed through Colin's eyes. But in an instant, he regained his usual smile and asked softly, "why did you come back?"

He took the album from Zoey and browsed through it. Then he put it in the drawer naturally and said, "I didn't expect you to like this, too."

"Yes, I did." Zoey said with a smile.

"Well, I just came back to take something. You don't have to be so polite here." Colin's face didn't change. He strode to the desk and took the documents he had left on it away.

Zoey didn't catch a close look, but found a file about her family firm?

Before she could open her mouth to ask, Colin had gone out. If Zoey knew what it wrote, she might not be so calm. Seeing that Colin didn't get suspicious about the photo album, Zoey dispelled most of her doubts, and just thought that she was thinking too much.

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