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   Chapter 219 Dad William

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The two girls wandered around the yard again before they returned to the villa. At this time, Mary had just prepared the lunch and asked them to have lunch here.

Kate and Lily were present. And Zoey also sat down. Mary and Zoey seemed to have a good conversation. Lily curled her lips and ate her lunch silently.

"Kate, eat more." When Mary called Kate to have lunch, she nodded her head frequently, but in fact, she was thinking about her dad, William. What if he was still at the door

As soon as they finished eating, a harsh scream came from the door: "William, you really came here. You said you wouldn't see her!"

Astonished, Mary stood in front of the table and looked at the door.

Kate walked to the door and was about to open it to see what had happened. Then she saw Juliet holding William's arm and shouting at him, "go back with me! Go back with me right now!"

In front of the child, William might feel disgraced, and he shook off Juliet's hand vigorously. "Shut up!"

Upon hearing this, Juliet's eyes reddened. "You asked me to shut up. Did I lose my right to speak when I saw my husband cheating on me? Am I the original one or she is the original one? "

It was understandable for Juliet to be so scared, because after Jean's death, William had only been in touch with Mary. When Juliet saw Mary, she knew that Mary was the shadow of Jean, but now it seemed that Mary was not as simple as a shadow.

"We are all grown-ups. Can you be rational?" William said helplessly.

"You ask me to be rational? Should I be rational enough to watch your husband being snatched away? " Honestly speaking, Juliet liked William, but unfortunately, he had never fallen in love with her.

"Juliet!" William shouted at her. This woman's words were getting more and more off limit.

As the door of the villa had been opened, William slightly raised his head and saw Mary standing in front of the table dully. From afar, he could not move his eyes

He thought it was just an illusion to see Mary in the Faraway community. Later on, when he saw Kate and knew that she got marry Brian, he knew that he could still see her. Now he did see her.

Mary walked through the living room in a hurry and wanted to go back to her room. But she was stopped by William immediately. He pushed Juliet away and strode to Mary with his crutch in hand.

"Sir, please get out of the way!" With her fists clenched, Mary looked up at the man in front of her and said coldly.

As Kate said, William got old fast. His face was buried in scars, like he had experienced many vicissitudes of life.

"Mary, let me explain. At that time..." William wanted to explain.

"That's enough. I don't want to hear it." Mary interrupted him anxiously.

Until now, William still wanted to explain to Mary. Kate couldn't help but wonder if she had already known the identity of William before she was tak

o do everything wrong, you know? " Kate uttered the words that had been hidden in her heart for a long time.

Ever since Kate knew that the fact Mary did not completely know William was married, her guard in her heart had been softened. The more she knew the truth, the less she hated William.

Everyone was to blame. Why should she take all blame on William? Kate felt a little sorry for him.

"Silly girl, I am a man, a husband and a father. It's my fault. I can't blame anyone else." William forced a smile and said in an extremely kind voice.

Lily just looked at them without saying a word. Anyway, it had nothing to do with her.

"If you want to correct mistake, you still have the chance to correct it. I think it's not necessary for you to ask others to forgive you, but to tell them with actions that you are doing it. You should do that to both Brian and Lily. " Kate paused and said: "it's useless to feel guilty. If you keep on immersing yourself in your own world, you will forget the existence of other people."

William nodded slightly. Over the years, he had been immersed in guilt, but he had neglected everyone. He had completely ignored the growth of the children. He had missed too many things in his life.

"When mom cool down, I'll talk to her for you. We still have a long way to go. She'll forgive you one day." Said Kate with a big smile on her face.

They were family now and would stay together for a long time. There was no way for Mary to escape from William for the rest of her life.

"Well, I'm indeed a little impatient." William was persuaded by Kate's words.

When Lily was about to leave, William took a seat opposite to Kate and asked Lily, "Lily, are you used to living here?"

Lily was surprised. She replied with a polite smile, "yes, I am. Thank you for your concern."

Her tone was as polite and alienated as ever.

After that, Lily directly walked out of the villa.

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