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   Chapter 217 The Proposal

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 10087

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In the end, they walked around the amusement park. Since Kate was pregnant, they just went to have a walk there. Most of the people here were student couples from Z city. Among them, Kate felt she was several years younger.

Well, it seemed that she was not old...

The evening in autumn came early. There seemed to be a huge black curtain gradually covered the sky, and the lights of the city were gradually lit up. They stood by the river, hand in hand. The river was radiating bright lights. And under the colorful lights of the city, it was as beautiful as scattered silver pieces on the ground.

Breeze blew the hair in front of Kate's forehead, and her ponytail was dancing in the wind, which was like a naughty spirit. Kate felt cold, so she tightened her coat. Brian put his coat on her directly and held her in his arms.

"I'm not cold." She was wearing a lot of clothes and she wasn't so delicate.

"Be a good girl." Hearing this, Kate was choked up.

Just be a good girl... Kate felt so comfortable with her face pressing against Brian's chest that she didn't want to think about anything. She slightly closed her eyes and held him with her hands.

Briana was her greatest love and support in her life.

Before they went back, Brian took her to the foot of a mountain. Kate was speechless when she stared at the high stone stairs, wondering if Brian wanted to take her to climb the stone stairs. Kate only guessed half right. They would climb the stone stairs, but Brian would carry her on his back to climb the stone stairs.

A stone stair was about 1.33 centimeters high, and Kate dared not look back, leaning on the back of Brian. They was in danger of going over if they didn't pay attention.

"Brian, how many stairs are there?" Kate had already counted forty stairs but they still hadn't seen the top. Each stair was so high and the number of stone stairs is so large that Kate could know how high this mountain was

"There are ninety-nine stairs." Brian's breath was still steady, as if he was not climbing high at all, but on a flat road.

"Are you tired?" Though Kate had known how tough Brian was, she was still worried about him.

Brian laughed and said, "You silly kitten. I'm not tired at all with you on my back no matter how high the mountain is or how far the road is."

Kate was stunned. It was very difficult to hear some honeyed words from Brian. Though Brian said that without any deep affection, she was already satisfied. She couldn't help giggling and burying her arms around his neck into his chest.

"No matter where you go, I will always be with you. You can never let me go." Kate said in a low voice.

"Okay." Answered Brian.

They would be together for the rest of their lives, till death did them apart.

By the time they reached the top of the mountain, it was already completely dark. Here, they could even see the twinkling stars, just as they could see in the office that day. The stars were so beautiful and stunning.


would bite them.

Brian lowered his head and kissed her on the lips again. How dare Kate ask him to sing a song? If he didn't teach her a lesson, she wouldn't know who was her man.

The kiss was so amorous that she didn't realize when she came back to the bed in the tent

But before she could figure it out, Brian who was just like a wolf had pounced on her and pressed her under his body. Kate's hands wrapped around his neck tenderly, and she looked at him in a silly manner, her pretty face covered with mist.

"Kitten, you are so beautiful." The expression in Brian's eyes was as gentle as water, and he was almost obsessed with the woman under him.

As one of the two most beautiful girls in Z University, Kate was very beautiful, both in appearance and figure. Her beauty was a fatal attraction to any man, let alone the man who loved her very much.

"Brian... HMM... " Kate spoke in a soft voice, but before she could speak, Brian's kiss caught up.

It was late at night. The moon was blushed because of the coquettish groan. The dark night covered the whole ground...

The next day, Kate woke up with the bird singing. She still felt tired, so she held Brian to find a more comfortable place and fell asleep again. When she woke up again, it was already noon. She slightly raised her head and looked at the dark eyes of Brian.

Kate's face flushed again, and she pretended to giggle. She wanted to get up calmly, but she had to compromise after she moved her body. She threw herself into Brian's arms in frustration.

She was so spoiled by him that she lost her viability.

Looking at the unwilling and helpless expression on Kate's face, Brian tried not to laugh. "Let's take a shower first."

"Okay." In this case, Kate could only listen to Brian.

Kate wondered if she could survive without Brian. And the answer was 'No'.

However, she would not leave him. Since her mother had accepted the fact, she had nothing to worry about. She would like to be a rice bug...

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