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   Chapter 215 I Cared More About You

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 10113

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It was very late when Brian came back. The villa was so quiet that only the sound of insects could be heard outside the window. When he opened the door, a figure suddenly stood up from the sofa and saw him rubbing his sleepy eyes. The person said softly, "You're back."

It was like a scene where a wife was waiting for her husband to come back late at night, but this "wife" was not Kate. With Brian's eyebrows tightly frowned, he took a cold glance at Zoey and without saying anything, he went straight upstairs.

Unexpectedly, Zoey held Brian in her arms gently from behind. "Brian, you know I love you." Her body was weak, and her translucent clothes were very attractive. Her strength was all on the back of Brian.

Brian pushed her away mercilessly, and glanced at her coldly. There was no gentleness in his cold eyes. "Please behave yourself."

"Brian? Is it so difficult for you to be with me?" Zoey's voice sounded feeble. She gazed at the man in front of her, her crystal tears about to spurt out.

"Miss Zoey, we both have a family. I hope you can behave yourself from now on," Brian said, rubbing his temples.

Then Brian went upstairs. Zoey stood at the foot of the stairs. With a gust of wind blowing over the hall, her sexy and translucent nightdress made her a big joke.

Zoey thought she hadn't been obvious enough so that Brian didn't know that she loved him.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Brian, Zoey clenched her fists. Zoey thought that if Kate lost her baby, Brian would be less responsible for Kate and accept her.

A malicious expression flickered across Zoey's unwilling face.

Lily's heart beat faster after she sneaked back to her bedroom. She was just hungry and wanted to find something to eat. But when she walked to the stairs, she was shocked by the scene that Zoey hugged Brian. She pricked up her ears and listened carefully.

Zoey still liked Brian so much that she came here not for taking care of Kate but for moving closer to Brian. Over and over again, Lily stroking her little heart. Since Zoey was still fond of her brother Brian, why did she marry her brother Colin? Was it just because of their commercial marriage?

She would definitely not tell it to Kate, who was pregnant now. It was better for Kate not to get involved this thing. Then... Should she tell her brother Colin about it?

At the thought of this, her phone rang. Lily picked it up and found it was from Colin. She was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. She and Colin still had a tacit understanding.

"Brother Colin." Lily called out obediently.

Since Colin had sex with Lily in the backyard of Li's mansion, he had been intimate with her as a brother and stopped having sex with her.

"Why haven't you gone to bed?" Colin frowned.

"I... I'm hungry. I'm going downstairs to find something to eat. " Lily faltered.

Besides, Brian would not accept Zoey. If she told Colin this thing, it would ruin the relationship between Colin and Zoey. Lily didn't want to

rowned and unhappily argued back, "You are amorous! Your whole families are amorous!"

Well, Kate was Brian's wife. She finally succeeded in getting herself into trouble...

"Yes, all my family members are amorous." It seemed that Brian was in a good mood. His serious face was now filled with a cheeky grin.

Kate reminded of Brian who had been hardhearted and wondered why people changed so fast... Kate also recalled what the colleagues in the secretary's office had said about Brian — There was a cold wind wherever the president went through.

"Hey, don't make fun of me. I won't talk to you anymore." Kate pretended to be angry and turned her head to the other side.

The next second, Brian reached out his hands and held Kate in his arms. "You little kitten, although I care about my hands, but I care more about you. We can take time to find ways to cure my arm. But now, don't worry about it. Be a good girl and give birth to the baby. "

Brian didn't mention his arm to Kate because he didn't want her to be bothered. But he didn't know it had been a pain in her heart for a long time.

"Okay." Kate looked down and nestled in Brian's arms. His words that he cared more about her already made her heart jump with joy. It turned out that compared with the president's arm, she was more important. She was actually more important than his arm.

This fact made Kate excited somehow.

"Good girl." Brian kissed her forehead, as if coaxing a kitten.

Hearing his words, Kate frowned. Then she found that he had changed the topic. "Why did you refuse to receive treatment from Zoey? Don't be so sly. Answer me right now!" Kate asked.

"Yeah, the sun is shining brightly today." Brian turned his head to look out of the window, only to be pulled back by Kate. She was about to ask him when he smilingly looked at her and said, "It seems that Mrs. Kate has recovered her strength. Do you want to try it again?"

"……" Kate thought that she would be driven crazy by Brian sooner or later...

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