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   Chapter 214 Zoey Lived In The Villa

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At the evening of that day, Lily and Kate returned to the villa. Upon seeing them, Hobson, who had been waiting at the gate for a long time, hurriedly walked up to them.

Lily frowned at the sight of Hobson, "I've told you that I'm not feeling well these days and you don't have to come to me, haven't I? "

"Lily, do you have a clod or a fever? I bought you some medicine from the doctor." Facing Lily's cold face, Hobson still greeted her with a smile.

Lily's forehead twitched. Kate tittered with her mouth covered. Anyone could tell that Lily was pretending to be sick while Hobson was just pretending that he didn't know it. Hobson knew more and more about Lily.

"It's really..." After a short pause, Lily said, "Thank you so much!" She forced a smile and took the medicine.

"You're welcome. It's my duty to care about my fiancée." Hobson said with a brilliant smile.

A date was chosen for Lily to wed Hobson. It was just a matter of time.

"I remember I'm not your fiancée now, so don't call me with such a disgusting title." Lily stared at Hobson with her fist clenched. She really wanted to kick down Hobson.

With a bright smile on his lips, Hobson stepped forward and approached Lily. "It will be soon. I'll marry you, Lily." Then he bent over and kissed her forehead.

Lily was frightened and took a step back in panic. She wiped her forehead with her sleeve in disgust and glared at Hobson. "I'm not so familiar with you. Don't touch me again, or I..." she warned him.


In the past, Lily would say, "I will tell my Brother Colin that you are bullying me!" However... Would her Brother Colin still dote on her? He already had a wife, and he was different from before, which made Lily really scared.

"Humph!" Lily, who was rendered speechless, snorted and turned back to the villa in anger.

However, the scene had a different meaning in the eyes of Colin and Zoey who were parked not far away.

"Hobson and Lily are really matching each other. Dad and mom don't need to worry about Lily that they let him take care of her." Zoey said softly with a smile.

Without saying anything, Colin tightened his grip on the steering wheel. His gentle eyes were slightly frosty.

Without getting any response from Colin, Zoey looked at Colin doubtfully. When she saw his solemn face, she was a little shocked. She had known Colin for a long time, but she had never seen any other expression on his face except smile. But this was the first time that she saw such an expression on his face.

"What's wrong?" Zoey asked in confusion, with a mixture of worries in her voice. She wondered whether Colin was jealous because of the relationship between Lily and Hobson.

Colin came to himself and shook his head, "I'm fine."

Then Colin turned to be gentle as usual and smiled at Zoey, "Have a good time here."

"Okay." Thinking that she would see Brian every day, Zoey quickly brushed the doubt from her mind and quickly opened the door and got out of the car.

As soon as Lily and Kate entered the villa, Zoey followed them behind. At the sight of Zoey, Ka

an and Kate didn't even get the marriage certificate. He found a villa for her to take care of her just because she was pregnant.' Zoey thought.

The conjecture gave Zoey hope. She believed that she would be more suitable for Brian than Kate. As long as Brian was in love with her, she would tell him everything. And then she would divorce Colin to marry Brian.

It was a perfect plan.

"Thank you so much." Zoey said with a smile.

'It's me who should say thank you. Why did Zoey say thank you to me?' Kate was confused.

Realizing her impoliteness, Zoey turned her face aside and changed the topic immediately.

At the Li group.

"Some of the scattered shares of the company was acquired by a mysterious man. I haven't found any clues about the mysterious man so far." Jacob put a pile of documents towards Brian.

Brian nodded and browsed through the files. There was a frown on his face which wasn't obvious.

This man can hide himself so well in Z city, either be scheming special heavy, otherwise be actual strength special strong.

"President Brian, many people know that know that you have some injuries on your right arm and they are worried that you can't take up the Li group. The board of directors is ready to make a move." Jacob looked at Brian face and said carefully, "Especially the Ding family, they are on the side of the vice president. "

The board meeting that was held once every two years was going to be held soon. This time, it was not simple. Brian's lips were twisted tightly.


The reason why Colin married Zoey was that Colin wanted to get the share of Zoey's family's in the Li group. From the frame-up to the event of the construction site to the car accident, Brian suspected that it was all planned by Colin.

But the car accident had destroyed everything. Colin had cleared up the traces, so Brian couldn't find any evidence yet.

"Good luck with your proposal, Brian." Said Jacob with a smile, as he gave a thumbs up gesture to Brian before Brian left.

Brian laughed, turned around and left.

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