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   Chapter 211 Silly Kitten, Silly Girl

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9555

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There was no one else in the hall except a few busy maids.

Kate's room was in the opposite direction to Juliet's. she released Brian's hand and walked to the door of Juliet's room.

She didn't know why she came here to apologize to Juliet? Could she say something like that?

"Lily, get out of here. Doesn't you get along well with Kate and Mary? Do you still care about me, your mother? Why do you come back now? " Juliet screamed. Perhaps she was in a rage, so she didn't hit the nail on the head.

"Mom, please don't be angry. Lily wasn't there when you were having a fight. If she was there, she would definitely help you," Said Zoey softly.

"Bullshit! She abandoned her mother a long time ago!" Juliet blurted out another vicious question.

Lily did not say a word.

When Kate was about to knock on the door, she heard Juliet who was in the room saying with hatred, "I will never let that bitch, Mary, step into our Li family. Zoey, you'd better watch out for her. She has seduced your father by accident."

"As for her daughter, I don't know what magic she has used to captivate Brian. The mother and the daughter are the same, either to cling to the Li family and make them wealthy. Maybe it was Mary's tramp that her daughter was with Brian! "

Juliet swore.

Kate finally put down her hand and turned around to leave.

When she got back to the hall, Colin was already back. The father and son were sitting on the sofa and chatting with each other casually. Kate passed by and heard them talking about business.

After going back to her room, Kate strolled to the window, took a small chair and sat down by the window. She stared blankly at the scenery outside the window with her chin on her arms.

It was already evening. The dark sky was clear. The bright moon was shining in the sky. The backyard of the Li family was decorated with sparkling lights. The whole backyard was dotted with beautiful flowers, which made it more attractive and gorgeous.

Cold wind blew in from the window. Kate pulled up her coat. She felt so cold.

She didn't know how to face all this.

She had known that she would face all this if she got married with Brian, her mother and William Would they live like this for the rest of their lives? It's indifference, not like a family member living their whole life.

Besides What could she do to cure Brian's arm? Kate had read a lot of medical books in her spare time. But as Lily said, even Professor Ding thought it was very difficult, for her, a layman, it's more difficult to deal with it.

All she could do now was to stay in good condition and give birth to the baby. Maybe with the help of the baby, everything would be different.

Kate yawned. Although she had slept more recently, she still wanted to sleep all day long.


Kate annoyingly waved awa

Don't think that I didn't know he's disgusted with me. He misjudged me and chose me?

Brian let her do whatever she wanted while preventing her from bumping something. Fortunately, the bathtub was big enough, so it was not crowded even if several Kate made a scene inside.

In the end, however, Brian held the stray cat in his arms. Kate wriggled in his arms, trying to break free. She was a queen in his arms!

However The queen forgot that it was a man's interest, so she was "punished" again.

When Kate was moved back to the bed, Brian slowly came to her senses. She looked at the man who was helping her put on her clothes and her eyebrows were knitted into a frown. She tried to say something but stopped.

He didn't even ask her. At last, Kate couldn't hold it anymore and asked: "Brian, I won't let you touch me again. What are you going to do?"

Kate was very worried.

It's said that men are more likely to betray their wives at this time.

Squinting at her dark eyes, Brian curled his lips, looked at Kate and slowly asked, "what do you think? You are responsible for it. "

Kate said, "Why am I responsible for it? It's your own business. "

"You..." Brian stopped for a while, and then asked with a smile, "are you sure it's my business?"

"……" Kate blushed and turned her head away.

She shouldn't have talked this with Brian. She knew what kind of person Brian was Kate circled.

"Silly cat, I will only touch you." The next second, Brian took her into his arms. His magnetic voice rang in her ears, and there was obvious dote in his voice.

Kate was moved, but when she heard this, she frowned. Was she a cat in Brian's eyes?

"I told you not to call me silly girl!" Kate stared at him, pretending to be angry, but her face was covered with sweetness.

"You silly kitten." Called Brian.

"……" Kate turned around silently and refused to talk to him

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