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   Chapter 210 The Conflict Between Lily And Kate

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"That's not what I meant. There's no way that mommy and William will be together," Kate explained.

"How is that impossible? You should know that William has no feelings for my mother, but has always been guilty to you and your mother. He has been missing you for so many years." Lily didn't want to give up.

Kate was speechless, and she hastily waved her hand, "let's not talk about it, okay? We leave their business alone. "

"But you are actually bringing them together." Lily frowned.

"Okay, I won't," Kate said perfunctorily. She glanced at Lily's unhappy face and asked, "are you angry because I hit your mother?"

Lily was startled. Although she didn't like Juliet, she was her mother. Last time when she disappeared, she also saw how much Juliet cared about her.

Anyway, Juliet was her mother.

She would feel uncomfortable when she saw that her mother was being bullied by Kate and Mary together. Lily was not a saint. She must care about that.

"Yes. Kate, If I were here, I would help my mother beat your mother. " Lily admitted frankly, "even if I can't beat you, I don't want to see my mother being bullied!"

"No matter how bad she has done, she is my mother and you can't bully her!" Lily raised her voice. It was the first time Lily had talked to Kate in this tone since she knew that Kate was pregnant.

Lily was really angry now.

Kate felt her heart was aching. She and Lily did get along very well recently, but they acted differently. Before the conflict between Mary and Juliet broke out, they could be together freely.

But when the conflict erupted, they would still go back to their positions.

"Lily, I'm sorry." Kate thought she was a fool. If she didn't help her mother to deal with the conflict between her and Juliet, Lily might not be so angry.

"Kate, don't think that only your mother is the victim. Don't think that your mother is the right person! I don't think my mother did anything wrong in this matter. My mother is the original one. At the beginning, the wrong person was your mother! How could you treat her like this? Should I give the Li family to you? " Lily added.

Lily's voice was so loud that even Mary in the room could hear clearly. She was sitting on the ground and looking out of the window in low spirits What should they do

For the first time, Kate couldn't reply other people's words except Brian, and she explained stiffly, "my mother didn't know that William was married at that time."

When she uttered these words, Kate felt very helpless.

Mary did not know at first, and then she did. But she did not quarrel with William, nor did she leave him. She just pretended not to know, waiting for William's explanation.

After all, Mary had lived with her husband for four years. How could she don't know that William was married.

Kate's mind was in a mess.

Who was right and who was wrong back then

ared on William's face, as gentle and merciful as ten years ago.

"Yes." Kate was depressed, but she just responded in a low voice.

After walking a few steps, Kate asked, "has Lily come back?"

"Yes, she is in her mother's room." William nodded.

"Is her mother okay?" Kate asked. This question not only shocked William, but also herself. She had always regarded Juliet as her enemy. Would she be worried about her?

"You can rest assured. Zoey is a doctor and she's taking good care of her. Juliet is fine." William smiled.

"You are right." Kate also smiled and said.

On the way, William asked a lot of questions on Kate. From time to time, he would look at the position of her belly. The smile on his face was obviously real and happy. Very soon, he would have a grandchild, and he was really happy.

Kate kept her eyes on Harry, the cold man next to her, from time to time. Before she got out of the car, she even heard no sound from the prison. What's more, Harold's ceaseless talk and the silence in the prison made her want to ignore Lola.

When they were about to enter the hall, William suddenly stopped and turned around. He looked at Kate with a helpless bitter smile. "Kate, what should I do with your mother?"

Hearing that, Kate was a little stunned. Then she said seriously: "if you really want my mother to live an easy life, don't expect her to forgive you. Don't mention the past."

"I remembered that I asked you in the hospital if you would divorce Juliet and marry my mother. I remembered your answer was' no '. Now that you know the answer in your heart, please do not have any relationship with my mother. It's good for you, mom, Juliet and Lily. "

Kate looked at William's face and said: "you can't be so greedy. You can't satisfy everyone. Since you chose Juliet, you should treat her well. Instead of being so indecisive! "

With these words, Kate and Brian walked into the Li mansion.

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