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   Chapter 209 Persuade Mom Go Back To The Li Family Mansion

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After hanging up the phone, Kate peered up at Brian. This man's face turned dark as soon as he said he was going back to the Li family.

Kate didn't know much about Brian, but she had a general idea that Jean's death was related to Juliet and William. It's the mid-autumn festival when he told her that his mother passed away on that day.

She still remembered that he was distressed at that time, and even so, her heart was still aching for him.

When our baby is born, he may gradually forget the past and begin a new life. I am looking forward to the day, 'she thought.

"Brian, I'm going to ask Mom whether she will go to Li manor tonight." Kate gave a big smile to Brian.

She thought, 'if you don't like laughing, I can smile more in front of you. As time goes by, maybe you will become more outgoing one day.'. Brian nodded. He held her with one hand, showing no intention of letting her go.

Kate was used to Brian's such action

After a long time, Brian finally let her go. As soon as Kate was released, she hopped out of the bedroom like a little rabbit. Frightened, Brian said behind her: "don't walk so fast, or you'll fall down."

"Okay, I know." Kate giggled.

However, Brian shook his head. As the CEO of his company, he was always worried about a little woman

When she walked out of the hall, she saw Mary watching TV. Upon seeing Kate, Mary came forward and held her, "why do you come down?"

"Mom, I'll go back to the Li's mansion with Brian later. We won't come back to the villa tonight." Kate held Mary's hand and pulled her to the sofa.

Mary was in a daze and her expression changed. Kate thought for a while and said: "William asked me to take you with us. Mom, are you going there?"

"No, I won't go." Without hesitation, Mary rejected.

That was an unexpected answer to Kate. Mary might not want to come back to Li family all her life.

"It's just a matter of time before it ends." Kate tried to persuade her, "besides, William has realized his mistakes over the past ten years. Why not give him a chance to correct himself?"

Mary turned to look at Kate, "why Are you defending him? "

She sounded a little lonely.

"I don't mean to put in a good word for him. I just think it's not necessary for you to hide. Although you are not a couple now. It's not a bad thing for both of you to become friends." Kate tried to distance herself from William.

"My silly girl, I will never get too close to Li family, nor make friends with him. If a couple can't be lovers, then they can only be strangers. " Mary smiled bitterly.

Then, she turned to Kate: "Kate, I have no objection to your marrying into Li family now. After you give birth to the baby, I will go back to town and continue to manage Luo's Flower Shop. That flower shop is very popular and I don't want to give it up. "

Kate was touched. She knew that Mary came here for her. Her mother had spent most of her life worrying about he

"I thought you were speaking for him. You are such a bad girl." Mary stared at Kate fiercely.

"I really didn't speak for him. You don't know how much he has lost recently. Her body is like a dry branch. She even has to walk on crutches, and someone has to take care of her. " As Kate looked at Mary, she continued to sigh: "Alas, I really feel pity for him."

Mary remained silent.

"Mom, you wouldn't lose anything if you go to see him?" Kate continued to persuade her earnestly.

"Do you feel it interesting to dwell on the past?"

Kate still wanted to say something, but was shot by a cold eye of Mary. She said coldly, "shut up."

Then he pushed Kate away and went back to his bedroom.

Looking at the closed door, Kate sighed. It was not that she didn't want to help William, but that her mother was too hard to persuade.

That was what Kate had expected. As an elder, how could she let it go so easily? Moreover, if Mary still had feelings for William, things would be more difficult.

And it would be better if Mary didn't go to see William. They would leave a good impression on each other, which would not turn the Li family upside down.

As she turned around, she ran into Lily who was walking out of her bedroom. Seeing that Kate was sighing while leaning against the wall, Lily couldn't help but ask, "what are you doing there? Are you not feeling well? "

"It doesn't matter. My mother doesn't want to go to the Li's mansion with me." Kate shook her head again.

Hearing this, Lily was silent for a long time. Then she looked up at her and asked, "Kate, do you want your mother to go to the Li family mansion, to see William, and then let the old love between them come back to them?"

Lily's voice was not as lively as usual, but a bit more questioning.

It occurred to Kate that Lily was Juliet's biological daughter. Even though Lily didn't like this mother, she was still her mother. Lily didn't want to see Juliet get hurt.

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