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   Chapter 207 A Lost Woman

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9688

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Opening the door of the villa gently, Kate's heart beat fast. Could Juliet be there soon? She quickly turned around and saw that Colin came in from the entrance.

Kate was relieved and remembered that Juliet didn't have the key to this villa, so she couldn't open the door directly.

Did he come for Lily?

"Sorry, Please go on with your talks." Then he turned around and went upstairs with ease, heading to Lily's bedroom.

Looking at his receding figure, Kate was in a daze. She wondered why he came to Lily's bedroom now?

'huh! Just let it go. There's nothing to do with this connection.'! Kate cursed in her mind, but she didn't have the jurisdiction over other people's business.

Hearing the knock, Lily thought it was from Kate. She quickly jumped off the bed and ran to open the door. "What's up, Kate?" she asked with a smile

However, she froze on asking this question before she could close his mouth.

She stepped back immediately and wanted to close the door. But she was too weak to do that, with one of his hand putting on the doorknob. She was not strong enough to win over him.

At the thought of Mary was also here, she lowered her voice, "Why are you still here? Go away!"

Without any response, Colin managed to squeeze in and locked the door. At the thought of what Colin had done, Lily wanted to open the door. Before she could touch the doorknob, she was carried to bed by him.

"Colin, you bastard!" Looking around, Lily picked up the crystal cup on the table and smashed it at Colin. Her wrists were tightly clasped by him when the cup was still in the air.

Colin threw the crystal cup to the ground. The sound of its broken pieces shocked Lily.

Before she could say anything else, he leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Then he said gently, "don't worry, Lily. I won't scare you anymore. I have brought you a gift."

Every time he went on a business trip, she would remind him to bring gifts to her. Now she didn't need to remind him. He had brought gifts to her too.

Lily was taken aback when she heard this. She then raised her head to look at him. Colin took out a delicate necklace made of platinum from a box. The necklace was then hung under a necklace in the shape of a pure blue teardrop. The blue stone was so pure, as if it was covered by no impurities. It slightly broke, like a heart that had been broken.

The teardrop stone made Lily think of the beautiful mermaid who turned into bubbles. She did everything for the people she loved, and finally there was only bubbles left, sad but touching.

They looked like lonely Mermaid Sitting on a reef singing in the moonlight, tears dripping from their beautiful faces.

"Lily, I hope the mermaid can do all the tears for you, and only leave you with happiness." Hearing that, Lily couldn't help but feel sad.

Lily just felt tired. She stopped struggling and


"Mom, would you please go back first? Aunt is Kate's mother, and Brian's mother-in-law. " Colin patted Juliet on the shoulder and persuaded her gently.

"Colin is right. Mom, let's go back first." Zoey said thoughtfully.

While speaking, she turned to look at Colin from the corner of her eyes. If Colin hadn't come to her rescue, Kate wouldn't have been safe. Didn't Colin tell her that he helped her to court Brian because he disliked Kate? But why did she always feel that Colin was satisfied with Kate.

But apart from this reason, why would Colin be so kind to help her?

Just as Colin and Zoey helped Juliet stand up and she kept grumbling along the way. The moment she stepped out, Mary shut the door behind her.

If Juliet was Brian's real mother, she would have some scruples. But Juliet was not, so there was no need for her to scruple.

Lily took out the first-aid kit and gave it to Kate. When Maria was applying medicine for Mary, Lily pulled her aside and asked, "what's the matter with you?"

"It's obvious that they have a fight." Kate shrugged. There was nothing to explain. They just disliked each other. Mary and Juliet had hated each other for ten years. One was insulted and the other betrayed by her husband.

No wonder they fought. Kate just helped her mom.

As Juliet was busy beating Mary, Kate didn't get hurt.

"I don't care how they fight. Why did you help them. Without the help of Colin, your baby would have died.?" Lily couldn't help but scold her like an adult.

"All right. It was just an accident. Many accidents will happen in the world one day and I can't avoid them." Kate stubbornly refused to admit that she was wrong.

"Okay, I don't want to argue with you anymore." Lily rolled her eyes at her. "You just need to stay away from them whenever they fight."

"Okay." Kate grinned cheekily.

"……" Lily was worried whether her godson could be born safely

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