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   Chapter 204 It Is So Lucky To Have Him

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When she got back to the bedroom, she saw that Brian was talking on the phone with his right hand hanging down naturally. Kate felt her chest stuffy and her eyes filled with tears. She was really want to see him completely healthy.

Seeing her come in, Brian hung up the phone with a few words. He stood in front of her, his slender fingers brushing the tears that fell near the corners of her eyes. He slightly frowned his good-looking eyebrows. "What's wrong?"

Kate shook her head in panic and her arms were wrapped around his waist and ran into his arms.

"When did you come to visit my mom? Why didn't you tell me?" Kate raised her eyes and looked at him with both complaint and grievance.

"Tell you? It's not an important thing. " His cold face always became soft in front of her, and his voice was always filled with affection.

"I don't care. You can't do it to me from now on." Kate kept on glaring at him.

Brian couldn't help laughing, lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead. Then he picked her up. With her arms around his neck, she obediently let him hold her.

He put her on his lap and touched her abruptly swollen belly. It seemed that he had touched their baby. His behavior was extremely gentle.

Kate rested on his shoulder and looked at this beautiful man quietly. If she can give half of her life in exchange for a wish, she must hope that Brian's right arm will heal soon.

He wouldn't have suffered such a thing if he hadn't gone to find her. He had never mentioned it to her, nor showed his desire to make a full recovery of his right arm.

No one wanted to be disabled, so did Brian. He didn't say anything just to make her not worry. This man was used to bearing everything on himself and protecting her in the safest place.

Kate was moved, but she felt more sorry for him.

"Why don't you answer me. When did you tell my mother?" Kate pinched his ears with her small hands and said discontentedly.

"Do you remember the roses I brought back from a small town?" Faced with the furious Kate, Brian could only succumb to her and said with a smile.

Kate was shocked to find out that he was not on a business trip at that time, but went to a small city. What's more, the train whistle that night was the sound of the train going through the small city.

"You lied to me." Kate couldn't help complaining, but her voice was so soft and lovely.

She suddenly thought of something and undid the buttons of Brian's white shirt. The smile in his eyes was deeper and he allowed her do anything. It was not until then that Kate saw his body carefully.

She had been tortured so much before that she couldn't look at him carefully or look at him directly.

There were still bruises on his shoulders and back, and even several scars left. She slid her slender fingers over his scars. Her heart was sweet but a little painful.

"You are so stupid. Why d

her face or his temperature.

"Thank you." Kate smiled happily.

She was always his little sun, shining like the sun.

He curled his fingers and touched her lazy eyelashes, then he smiled. His smile was so lovely that Kate was totally attracted by it. She had seen Brian's wicked smile, but once again she was attracted.

Her pink lips slightly opened, and her dull expression looked like the most innocent and lovely child. While she was looking at him, she had become the brightest scenery in his eyes.

"Remember to keep your promise." It was not until quite a while later that Brian slowly speak out the words. His voice may be unique lethargic and sexy as he just got up, which made people feel touched.

Kate quickly lowered her head. She was not sure whether it was her illusion and the reason why she always felt that this man became more and more attractive was that he was more and more mature?

Kate wrapped her arms around Brian's neck and shrank her head into his neck. She smiled and said, "Okay, but you can't bully me like that in the future. Only I can bully you."

"Yes, my wife is the big boss." With his head down, he was stroking her soft hair.

Upon hearing this, Kate laughed even more happily. A brilliant and excellent secretary finally overcame the enemy and became the wife of the big boss. Kate was indeed the greatest. She was so narcissistic.

Someone had forgotten who was deeply attracted by the big boss

After they rested for a while, they got up. As usual, he took her to the bathroom and took a shower. After that, he helped her put on her clothes, combed her hair, and even help her brush her teeth and wash her face. He had kept his eyes on her, because she slipped in the bathroom. What if she fell down accidentally?

Kate was used to this.

After they left, Lily and Maria will take over the relay stick and take good care of Kate

It was not easy to be pregnant Kate sighed.

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