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   Chapter 203 Mom Is Relieved

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"I can't believe you still like a child when you are pregnant. Brian was very tired to take care of you. Mary sighed helplessly.

Kate was completely stunned. Was that what Mary would say? Mary didn't ask her anything and her tone seemed to have agreed with the existence of Brian.

"Mom, aren't you angry?" Kate giggled and asked carefully.

"Yes! When I just knew the truth, I was so angry that I wanted to call you and scold you. You are such an unfilial daughter that you have hidden from me for so long. " A fierce look was shown in her eyes.

Kate regretted asking this question.

"I couldn't get through to you, so I vent my anger on your lover. Have you noticed that there were bruises on his back? I did that! " Viciously said Mary.

Hearing her warning, Kate did remember that there were some deep scars on the back of Brian for business. Was that caused by the iron rod in Mary's home?

She knew well about her mother. Her mom was so emotional that she really did something illegal.

"Sorry, i I didn't mean to... " Kate felt sorry for Brian and sincerely apologized to her mom.

"Okay, it has been so many days and I have figured it out." Mary waved her hand. If she hadn't figured it out, she wouldn't have come here to visit Kate.

This time, Mary didn't want to take too much care of Kate. After Brian left the town, it occurred to her that, in fact, she had taken Kate as a child who would not resist her. She thought everything she had done for her was good for Kate. But it never occurred to her that Kate had her own thoughts as well. Kate was no longer the little girl who only listened to her mother.

Mary was still not satisfied with Kate's marriage with Brian, but to see Brian taking good care of Kate, not mention Juliet, even she will not let him go. Mary's worry finally come to an end. In the Li family, William would take care of Kate.

For some reason, Mary believed that what William had done for her was all true. He really liked Kate and would be a good father.

After much deliberation, Mary realized that in fact, she dared not face William. It was her selfishness. Her fear made her not want Kate to have any connection with Li family.

Since Kate married Brian and she was protected by Brian and William, Juliet dared not to do anything to her.

Hearing that, Kate was stunned for a while and then said, "Mom, you are so wise!"

"Remember to tell me next time when you have anything. I'll try to understand you. Don't hide anything from me, okay?" Mary smiled.

A lump came into Kate's throat all of a sudden. She felt so touched. It was the first time that she felt so relaxed.

She jumped out of Brian, hugged her mom and said with a smile, "thank you. You must be the best, the most beautiful and most lovely mom in the world!"

Since her pregnancy, Kate bec

Astonished by the sumptuous and delicate decoration of the room, Mary muttered to herself. "I can see that. Brian was rich."

The name for Brian from Brian to Xiaoyu, Kate didn't know if she should be happy or sad about the change of her mom's attitude towards Brian. Maybe in a short time, Mary would be completely support Brian and took her place of an inferior position in her mom's heart.

Kate wanted to help Mary pack her luggage, but Mary stopped her. She pulled Kate onto the bed and said, "I'll do it." She pinched Kate's face and said: "it seems that you have lived in Li family well. You have gained a lot of weight."

"Don't worry. I had a good time in Li family." Kate knew her mom's misgivings. She said earnestly.

"Got it. "Mary nodded her head

What Kate didn't say was William and Juliet didn't know Kate was pregnant at all. Kate didn't come back to Li family very often, and neither Lily nor Colin told William and Juliet.

"Is he alright now?" Suddenly, Mary asked.

Kate was stunned for a few seconds and then realized that the man Mary was talking about was William.

"He was fine. But he was still much older than before." Compared with ten years ago, William was totally different.

"How can a man never grow old?" Mary smiled and her voice was not as cheerful as before.

Every time William was mentioned, her mom would feel inexplicably sad.

However Mom The only woman that William loved was Jean, while you were just Jean's shadow .Kate really didn't dare to speak out these words at all.

Kate sighed. Sometimes she felt that fate was so magic. The relationship among the elders was so messy, and she married Brian accidentally.

"Okay, you should go back to sleep now. Pregnant women can't stay up late." Mary was about to push Kate away.

"Okay, you should go to bed early too." Kate nodded, stood up slowly, turned around and left.

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