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   Chapter 193 Colin's Anger

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They came downstairs soon. As soon as Hobson saw Lily came out, he walked toward her with a bouquet of roses in his hand and put the roses in her arms smilingly. Then he said, "Let's go, my little princess. I'll drive you home."

Lily accepted the roses and hesitated for a while. Finally, she still left with Hobson. Kate followed them as well.

When Kate got in the car, she was surprised to find that there was a man sitting in the back seat.

"Moore?" Kate looked at Moore in surprise, "Why are you here?"

Moore shrugged helplessly and said, "Hobson dragged me here."

"……" It turned out that she was despised. Kate knew what Hobson was thinking. Hobson must want Moore to accompany Kate, so he could stay with Lily.

Sure enough, Hobson asked Moore and Kate to drink milk tea in the cafe while he and Lily would go to the amusement park nearby.

At first, Lily didn't want to go with Hobson anyhow. But Hobson was so clinging so, they went to the amusement park noisily.

If Colin didn't disturb Lily's life, Lily would live in this style, noisy but happy. If Lily lived together with Hobson, everyone would bless them.

Judging from Juliet's expression last night, it could be seen that Juliet was very satisfied with Hobson. Although the power of the Lee group was not as big as the Li group in Z city, it could be the wing of the Li group.

"Long time no see. She must be the girl who has an affair with Brian." Moore sipped at his coffee and asked slowly.

Lily only ordered a cup of hot milk tea for Kate because she didn't allow Kate to drink coffee.

Kate nodded and said lightly, "That's just a gossip."

"Kate, have you believed Brian so much now?" Moore smiled. He thought all his feelings for Kate were hidden in his heart, but when he saw Kate again, he found that his heart was still throbbing.

Seeing her smile, Moore couldn't help smiling.

"Yes." Kate smiled.

Moore noticed the ring on Kate's ring finger. He looked at it with a sad look in his eyes. He forced a smile and asked, "Have you married Brian? "

Following Moore's sight, Kate looked at the ring. It was put on her finger by Brian at that night when they lived in the Spring Spa Hotel, which symbolized that she has married.

'Brian hasn't got a ring yet. Should she buy one for him?

When they were in the town, he asked her for a gift, but she hasn't given it to him yet.' Kate thought.

Kate nodded. She couldn't help smiling. Her happiness was so brilliant.

Moore's eyes turned dim, but soon he smiled and thought, 'Isn't it nice that someone loves her and she loves that person.' Moore would rather that man loved her deeply than he loved her and he would be relieved.

"Ah!" A scream came from the distance. Kate raised her head and followed the sound. Lily was sitting on the pirate ship. Her hands tightly held the pillars in front of her

ears slowly welled up in her eyes.

"You said you wouldn't lie to me, but you have cheated me a lot. I knew it was you who framed Brother Brian. I don't want to believe you anymore. I hate you! You bastard! " Lily used the pillow as a weapon and slapped Colin in the chest.

When Lily was tired of crying and hitting, Colin grasped her wrist and tried to move the pillow between them. Lily didn't give it to Colin. She would defend him and never let this guy take it away.

Seeing this, Colin didn't bother to grab the pillow from her and let her protect it as if it was a treasure.

"Lily, listen to me. Don't go out with Hobson anymore. Otherwise, I will get angry." Colin sighed helplessly.

"Why can't I go out with him and you can go out with Zoey? Why? It didn't make sense! Your actions validate the proverb, one man may steal a horse while another may not look over a hedge. " When Lily heard what Colin said. She yelled at he with her reddened eyes.

"There is something you don't have to figure it out." Colin's gentle eyes fixed at Lily as she questioned him aggressively.

He had never thought about that Lily would think about these things before. In the case he hadn't paid attention to her yet, she grown up.

"I'm going to figure it out. You can hide everything from me, but I need to tell you everything. You know my all humiliations, but I don't know anything about you?" Lily continued to cry and looked at Colin and her red mouth angrily closing.

Colin's eyes turned cold. He tore the pillow between them and leaned over to kiss her. He said in a low voice, "Lily, you forced me."

"I... I didn't... " I didn't force you... Lily swallowed her words, and what he could say was only protest.

Colin easily controlled Lily's hands and feet. It was fine that she was lazy and she didn't like to do sports. But as for this kind of thing, he didn't allow her to have a little lazy.

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