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   Chapter 191 Estrangement

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Kate was sleepy while chatting with Lily. She was lazy to get up and went to sleep on Lily's bed. Lily was afraid that she would press Kate when she was asleep, so she even made herself more considerate by sleeping on the sofa.

Apart from Kate and Brian, Lily was definitely the third person who hoped that the baby would come to this world safely.

the second day.

Kate slowly opened her eyes and was surprised to find that Colin was standing beside her bed and looking at her curiously. Kate's heart skipped a beat. He Was he going to blame her for robbing Lily's bed?

"Colin, I'll get up and leave you alone..." Kate wanted to get up, but her wrist was pressed by Colin.

As alarm went off in Kate's heart, Colin was still smiling, which made her unable to guess what on earth did he want to do.

"Sister-in-law, be careful. Don't hurt the baby." Colin smiled elegantly.

'damn you! Don't play innocent in front of me! I already know what kind of person you are...'

"I'm fine." Kate also raised her face and giggled at Colin. She was scared. Although they were not strangers, Colin seldom talked to her She didn't want to bother Colin

Then Colin let go of her hand and said with a friendly smile, "get up and have breakfast. I'll drive you to the company."

Then he turned around and left.

Colin's strange behavior confused Kate. What did he want to do

Colin stopped at the door. Kate clearly heard a word from his mouth, "thank you."

Kate was stunned. Had he waited and struggled for such a long time? Did he just want to say this word to her? Was he thanking her for hiding the truth from his parents?

Haha, Colin is so cute. At that moment, Kate felt her value was soaring, though it was not something to be proud of to hide it from the elders.

However, Kate believed that if Colin dared to do that, he must have his own solution. The brothers of the Li family are not the kind of people who hook up with women everywhere, but in this case, sometimes, Kate feels that they all have something on them.

If it was hatred for Brian, then what was the burden on Colin?

Kate was a little confused, but he didn't think much about it. Everyone has their own secrets, so there was no need for her to reveal others' secrets. But there was one thing that she wanted to Ask Colin.

"Colin, why do you frame Brian in that incident about Lily?" Staring at the back of Colin who was about to leave, Kate asked softly.

"Lily told you?" Colin asked coldly without turning around.

"Does it matter who said it? Don't treat Lily as a fool. Why did you do that? " Kate continued to ask.

With a gentle smile, Colin replied, "because I don't want to be blamed."

Then he closed the door quietly and left.

Lily also heard this. In fact, ever since Colin spoke, Lily woke up. She heard every word that Colin said and the last sentence, "because I am afraid of

ly thought about it, the more perplexed she became.

"Lily, do you want to work in the Lee group? I can take you to eat a lot of delicious food and play around every day." Hobson was in a good mood, and his voice was more lively than yesterday.

"No, thanks." Lily refused.

But Hobson didn't take it to heart and continued, "Brother Moore is awesome. He told me that I need to change my hairstyle so that I can catch up with beautiful girls."

"Uh." 'is Moore the person who will say that?

"By the way, senior, are you and brother Moore classmates? I saw your picture in his album. You were classmates in college. It seems that there were many your photos. " Said Hobson smilingly.

Kate's heart sank a little. Lily couldn't help but glare at Hobson from behind, "you are so silly. Didn't you remember the rumor that Kate had an affair with brother Moore in Z university? Don't mention it any more. "

"Yes, my lady." Hobson said gently.

Looking at this noisy young brother and sister, Kate felt that she had experienced many vicissitudes of life She felt she was not young.

Since he could talk to Lily, he was so happy that he deliberately took them around two more circles before he was ordered by Lily to return to the Li group. Kate felt so dizzy. Hobson was really not the same kind of person as Moore.

Getting out of Hobson's car, Lily kicked at the tire of the car very hard. The tire was too strong and it didn't hurt at all. Lily's foot began to pain.

"Are you okay? You are so stupid!" Noticing the anguished look on Lily's face, Hobson hurried out of the car and helped her up.

"It doesn't matter. Get out of here. Get out." Lily waved at Hobson impatiently.

But it was like a couple having an argument

After getting rid of Hobson, they turned around and suddenly saw Colin standing at the entrance of the company.

Lily held Kate's hand and walked past Colin without saying anything.

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