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   Chapter 190 The Reason

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It was in the evening when Lily and Colin came back home. Hobson had been waiting for them.

"Lily, finally you're back!" Upon seeing Lily, Juliet dashed forward in an attempt to hug her. But Lily dodged towards Colin slightly. This startled Juliet, but she didn't suspect her intention.

"Mom and Dad, I'm sorry to have worried you." Lily apologized to Juliet and William sincerely.

When she saw Hobson, the obedient expression on Lily's face immediately disappeared, but she restrained her emotion in front of her parents.

"Lily, are you okay?" Hobson didn't dare to move forward, but the care in his eyes was sincere.

"I'm fine. Thank you for your concern." In front of her parents, Lily was polite.

William also wanted to comfort Lily, but he slightly moved his lips and did not ask anything. In the children's eyes, he was cold and solemn that no one could approach. From childhood to adulthood, they were not close to him, and they did not have much communication with him after growing up.

"You can talk in your room. I'll ask the maid to send some desserts and drinks to your room." Juliet smiled at Lily and Hobson and pushed them away.

Colin also wanted to leave, but was stopped by Juliet.

"Colin, you and Zoey have to stay here. We have something to discuss." Colin had to stop.

"Kate, come with me." Lily dragged Kate who was sitting on the sofa.

Kate shrank her head. She could feel the resentment in Hobson's eyes when he looked at her. She always disturb them. How could he not blame it But she couldn't leave Lily alone. Alas, it was also hard for her to do that

When they went back to room, Lily and Kate sitting on the bed while Hobson on the sofa.

"Go ahead, what else do you want to say?" Lily's tone became harsh immediately. She stared at Hobson fiercely.

"Lily, you said you wanted a beautiful crown, to be a noble princess, waiting for the prince to pick you up, didn't you?" Hobson had been accustomed to Lily's indifference. He opened the gift box with a smile, knowing that he would be rejected if he gave it directly to her.

As Hobson opened the gift, a glittering golden crown emerged. It was simple in shape but looked very luxurious. Especially, the emerald inserted in the middle of it was glittering in the incandescent light, clear and eye-catching.

Seeing this, Kate was stunned. Was this gem real? Hobson was the senior schoolmate of Lily. How could he have so much money to buy this?

Lily just glanced at the crown and refused indifferently, "no, you can take it back."

"Lily, don't refuse me immediately. Keep this gift for yourself. Take it as a gift from a friend." Hobson put the crown on the table and said, "this is Rosa crown * brought back by my father on the abroad auction. I hope you can accept it."

"Humph!" Insisted Lily.

Seeing that the atmosphere was about to freeze, Kate quickly turned around

, are you okay?"

"I am fine." Lily forced a smile.

Zoey saw the traces on Lily's neck and frowned. She comforted her softly, "that bad guy has been sent to prison. You are fine now."

"Yes." Lily nodded and forced a smile. "I'm a little tired, Zoey."

"Okay, have a rest first." Zoey was so gentle that no one could find a flaw in her tone. At last, she stood up and left.

When the bedroom door was closed again, Kate turned around and smiled at Lily, "you have a grudge against your sister-in-law! But why do I feel that your hostility against her is not as obvious as it was against me at that time? "

"Zoey is gentle and kind. She's a doctor too and always takes care of dad and mom. She's a good person. She is not like you? " Lily cast a scornful glance at Kate and said, "you are capable, but you don't even know how to cook. What's more, you are always against me. Why should I be kind to you?"

"……" Your second brother should be taken away by Zoey! Kate sighed. "No wonder your second elder brother agreed to be together with Zoey. She is a good girl. Better than willful and arrogant you."

"Kate, do you want to be beaten?" Lily glared at Kate and said, "you are just a beautiful and useless vase!"

"Hey, if my brain is a piece of trash, you definitely have no brain." Not to be outdone, Kate countered.

Lily was so angry that she grabbed the doll on the bed and wanted to hit Kate. But Kate didn't have the slightest intention to resist. She just smiled at Lily and said, "watch out your god-boy..."

Lily stopped abruptly. She had promised that she would be the godmother of the baby in Kate's belly. She thought for a while, and decided to put up with it. After this baby was born, it would be known what "Revenge of a gentleman is a dish best served cold"!

Seeing that Lily was really frustrated, Kate tittered in her heart. As long as she took advantage of Lily's weakness, Lily would be obedient.

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