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   Chapter 189 Show His Affection Of Love

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9573

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Inside the cave, a girl with her hands tied, struggled hard and stared at the boy in front of her in horror.

"Miss Li, I've been hurt badly by you. Your brother is so vicious that he doesn't even let off a small company. They bought my company while my family was in trouble. Well, they bought my company at an extremely low price. " The boy squatted down with a ferocious face, swaying his knife in front of Lily.

"What the hell do you want to do! Carlos! " Lily shouted, "dare you touch me! My brother won't let you go!"

"In the barren wasteland, even if I kill you at the price of eighteen, no one will know, right?" Carlos got excited and laughed wildly. He grinned at Lily and said, "I'm sure that Hobson and others will suspect Carrie. They can go to find her now. She is at home now."

Carlos stood up and looked down at Lily, as if she was just a locust under his feet. This feeling made him feel very good. "My lady, do you know how long I have been tolerating you? I can't stand your arrogance. I really want to see your sexy body under a man. "

"How dare you!" Lily moved backwards in panic.

Carlos instantly leaned over and grabbed Lily by the chin. "But you are still worth it. As soon as Carrie said that if I could humiliate you, she would agree to be with me. You're such an ungrateful woman. You've insulted Carrie for so many times and I'm not going to tolerate you, "

"Let me go! Let me go! " Lily struggled as hard as she could. But the rope that tied her up was so firm that she could not break it.

"Help! second elder brother! Help! " With Carlos's face closer and closer to her, Lily's head went blank and her whole body trembled.

Carlos sneered and untied the rope around Lily. Lily grasped the ground with her hands and tried to run out of the cave.

But Lily was immediately gripped by Carlos. He gazed at her with affection and his other hand ripped her clothes.

Her petite body was stained with red marks. When Carlos's fingers slid across her skin, Carlos said coldly, "Lady, your life is so comfortable, won't it be your eldest brother? "

"Let me go! help! Help! " Lily arched her arms and legs to fight back.

With his hands touching her body, Carlos sat on her lap and pushed the only cover away from her upper body.

With a bang, Lily's brain exploded. She struggled like a crazy woman and cried out, "Carlos, I curse you go to hell! You would die a horrible death! second elder brother! help! Whoooooooooh! "

"I want to go to hell, and I'll drag you down with me!" Carlos's hand pressed heavily on Lily's chest. He bent down to the ground with a sinister smile.

When his face almost touch Lily's, he quickly flew away and fell onto the ground several millimeters from Lily.

Carlos was taken aback. He raised his head and saw a tall man quickly carry Lily in his arms. After dressi

hole day, "Brian, did you install a tracker in my body?"

Brian smiled and sat on the edge of the bed, with his arm around her shoulder. "I can think about it."

"No! Then I have no freedom!" Kate stared at him and rejected the proposal.

Brian looked at Kate, and said forcefully and firmly, "no matter if you have a tracker or not, you are not allowed to escape from me."

He didn't like to be abandoned.

Kate stared at him and didn't know what to say. The hiding fragility under his overbearing appearance, she suddenly felt a slight pain in her heart.

Was he still angry about what happened twenty years ago? His mother abandoned him.

"I won't leave. My ultimate dream is to be a parasite. I'm just afraid that you'll throw me out by then." Kate giggled and held him tight in her arms.

Brian smiled, bowed her head and pecked on her lips, coaxing her: "do you know why the parasite won't be thrown out?"

"What to do?" Kate asked.

"Feed yourself to master and satisfy him when he gets hungry." With a smile, Brian took a bite on Kate's nose.

"Bullshit! Nobody ate parasite! Unless he is not a human. " On impulse, Kate scornfully refuted him, losing her usual self-cultivation.

'well, do you think I don't know the meaning of your words?

"Kitten, do you mean that I'm not a person?" Hearing this, Brian squinted his eyes and leisurely looked at the woman in his arms. The air around him was dangerous and cold.

Kate, however, was insensitive. She raised her eyebrows, unaware of the danger approaching. She smiled and said, "it depends on whether you eat the parasite or not. If you don't eat, you're still a normal person."

Brian had bullied her so hard that she had made up her mind to make a score with him.

"Well, let me show you what an abnormal person would do." Brian slightly smiled. He rudely pressed Kate, displaying his malevolent moves and style

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