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   Chapter 185 William's Apology

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 10258

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Instead of going home directly, Brian took her to the hospital. After they confirmed that the baby was safe, they went to the ward to see their grandmother. Kate held Brian's arm and looked around. She hadn't come here to see his grandmother for a long time.

The door was pushed open. A middle-aged man sat on the edge of the old lady's bed, with his back to them.

When the middle-aged man heard the voice and slightly turned his head, Kate was shocked. That man was William. Why did he come to the hospital?

"Kate, Brian." At the sight of Brian and Kate, William's lifeless eyes suddenly lit up. He called them kindly.

Without answering, Brian directly took Kate to the other side of the bed. Without saying anything to William, he turned around and walked out of the ward.

"Kate, why haven't you come back home recently?" William's voice was low, as if afraid of disturbing the sleeping old woman. Without any confidence, he continued, "do you still care about the affair between Brian and Lily??

William thought that Kate was angry about this so she didn't come back to the Li mansion.

Kate felt a little sad. Since William knew nothing about those things, she secretly glanced at him. Since he got sick of anger, he seemed to be older and more gaunt than before.

In fact, she should have forgiven him long ago. If it weren't for her illness, her mother would have gone on a business trip with William, those things wouldn't have happened.

Her father, William, who had carried her everywhere ten years ago and made her happy, had become old. The wildness of his life left a sharp mark on his face.

"I don't care anymore. Thank you I know you care about me. " She couldn't speak out the word "father".

William smiled bitterly.

"How are you these days?" Asked Kate.

When he heard Kate's word, a touch of excitement emerged on William's face, and he nodded repeatedly. "Very good, very good."

For a moment, Kate didn't know what to say. She turned around and looked at Brian. He had been looking at her grandmother. It seemed that Brian couldn't see William since William was invisible.

"Kate, haven't you told your mother about it?" William suddenly asked.

Kate turned to him and asked, "what do you want me to say? You know what? Mom would rather marry me to a beggar than to have any connection with the Li family. " She said in a low voice, "for all these years, my mom have lived a hard life alone."

She knew that the matter would be hidden from mom for a long time and her mother would soon find out.

If you are telling a lie, you should be prepared to be debunked.

"I'm the only daughter that mommy has. I'm the only one that she can rely on." Kate fixed her eyes on William, who suddenly lowered his head and dared not look at her.

When Juliet was not here, Kate dared to tell him the reason why they hadn't hold the wedding and why they hadn't made it public.

But what could she do? William couldn't help her, then nobody could help her. Even though Brian was a powerful man, as long as

y walk into your heart." Kate said in a firm tone.

Maybe, Brian hid her address, but if William really wanted to find it, Kate believed that he could find a way. However, he did nothing. He was tired of all this and didn't want to pursue anything.

He hoped that the wedding of Brian and Kate could be held as soon as possible, so that he could visit her mother at the wedding. Ten years ago, he had stayed with his mother for several years, and there were countless times that he could divorce with Juliet, but he did not leave.

"Kate." Looking at Kate, William didn't know what to say. In fact, what she said was right. He went after Mary and got together with her because he found that Mary looked a lot like Jean.

After a long while, he sighed and said, "your mother and I have feelings for each other."

"Yes, people will have feelings for each other after getting along with each other for such a long time." Kate said slowly.

"What if I ask you to divorce Juliet and marry my mother? Are you still willing to do that now?" Suddenly, Kate stared at him and spoke slowly.

William was stunned. He kept silent for a long time. After Kate squatted down and felt her feet numb, William replied, "Juliet has Lily and Colin. She is also a victim of commercial marriage."

He didn't want to leave.

"What about the showdown you told me before? You've considered it for ten years and you still don't want to divorce, right? " "It's not only because of Juliet, but also because of the fear of betraying Jean." Kate smiled.

No one could make William so crazy that he cared nothing except for Jean. Therefore, no matter how cold Brian was to him, in his heart, Brian was always the best child.

Kate kept on thinking about these things. She wanted to know who was right and who was wrong about what happened ten years ago. After she figured it out, Kate gradually forgave William. Indeed, nobody was right or wrong.

It was not an unforgivable mistake. Kate could forgive William, but how could her mother forgive him?

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