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   Chapter 184 The Beauty Of The Ninety-Fifth Floor

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When it was time to off work, everyone was gone. Lily urged Kate to leave as fast as she could. She had stayed in the office for a long time and Kate was very depressed.

Kate patted Lily on her head and said, "how can you be your second brother's secretary with your poor patience? Your second brother will definitely abandon you."

Lily covered her head in pain and dared not hit her back. She stared at Kate and said, "I'll remember it. After our baby is born, I'll give it back to you."

Hearing this, Kate looked at her in amusement and knocked on her head again. "Anyway, you can't fight back now. No fight in vain, haha."

With a muffled snort, Lily jumped away from Kate and made a face to her. "Brother is in his office. I won't accompany you. Bye."

Then, she left the Secretary's office immediately. Kate shook her head helplessly and went on with her work.

Outside the window, the sky turned from orange from the sky to orange. The gentle setting sun covered the whole secretary room. Kate, bathed in it, looked so gentle.

"Here, modify it." A low, attractive male voice sounded behind her.

Kate was a little stunned, looked at the direction of that slender finger, and sincerely changed it, until the man behind it said, "not bad.". Kate raised her eyebrows and smiled. She knew who was behind her without even turning around.

Brian held her up and occupied her seat that he asked softly, "are you tired?"

"I'm not tired at all. It's been two months since I got pregnant. And many people didn't notice it at all. So don't worry about me." Kate leaned on his shoulder and looked up at him with a big smile.

"I don't care about others, I just care about you." He touched her nose slightly with his fingers.

Kate smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist, replying, "yes, yes."

Looking at her smile, Bri

should work harder and have another child." Brian slightly pushed her hair away and left a kiss on her smooth forehead.

Kate's face turned red and gave him a reproachful look. She buried her head in his chest and closed her eyes.

Brian pinched her cheek, stood up and said gently, "wait for me here, I'll go to get you a coat. It's windy at night."

Hearing this, Kate nodded and watched Brian going out. She looked down at her belly. He said he liked opposite sex twins, the male one was elder brother and the female one was younger sister.

Baby, I hope everything is as your father wishes.

The clothes were brought in and dressed for Kate. After that, Kate bent down to help Brian with the tie.

The tie he was wearing today was the one she bought, which was cheap and strange, not matching his Italian handmade Satin suit.

"When I make enough money, I'll buy you a better tie." Kate announced with high spirit, as she patted on Brian's chest.

"Okay, kitten, I know a good way to earn money." Said Brian as he picked her up.

As expected, Kate's attention was attracted. She asked, "what is it?"

After Brian whispered by her, Kate blushed and could not help but give him a light punch on the shoulder

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