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   Chapter 182 Everything Went Well As Usual

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The next day, Kate woke up in Brian's arms. She just moved slightly, and he immediately woke up. Then he quickly bent over and kissed her lips.

"Time to get up. We still have to go to work." Kate could not help but look up and call out to Brian. She grabbed his ear and frowned. But even if she used all her strength at the moment, it was still not as strong as an ant's strength...

Her threat did not work on Brian, so he grasped her hands and continued to sleep.

Looking at this noble young master, Kate couldn't help but scratch his hair and coaxed, "Li hell, get up and work. Don't be lazy."

With the corners of Brian's mouth turning up, he buried his head in Kate's neck and rubbed it intimately, "Yum-yum... Kitten, you are so naughty. "

Kate feel so itchy on her neck rubbed by Brian that she couldn't help but giggle. She thumped his shoulder and shouted with a smile, "Go away. I itch! "

"Being a good girl or not?" Without listening to Kate, Brian threw her down to the bed, his lips moving around her neck, tirelessly.

"I'm good! Ha-ha... Brian, don't do it, ha-ha... " Kate shouted as she tried to dodge Brian's attack. Her voice was soft with a little coquetry.

If Kate played with Brian at this moment, she could only be a kitten to be slaughtered and allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

After a while, Brian took Kate to the bathroom. With Kate's arms around his neck, Kate comfortably buried her head in his neck. She sniffed his clean breath, filled with happiness.

Bathroom was always a nightmare for Kate.

It was already noon after they cleaned themselves up. Brian gripped Kate's slender waist and took her out of the bedroom. Lily was already waiting for them in the hall.

Though Colin would come back to the villa, Kate seldom met him. He usually came back after they went to sleep, and left before they got up. It seemed that Colin was carefully avoiding meeting Brian.

Sometimes when the two brothers came back at the same time, Colin would enter Lily's room, and then... There nothing much more happened...

They seemed like enemies rather than brothers. Colin politely distanced himself from Brian, and Brian was indifferent to Colin... What they would pay attention to together probably was they family and the Li group.

"Lily, let's go to the company." As usual, Kate sat opposite Lily, while Brian sat beside Kate.

Lily glanced at the sweet couple. She took a bite of French bread and said, "Okay, I know."

As usual, they had breakfast together. Lily didn't understand why her Brother Colin was so busy while her Brother Brian was so leisurely. She stared at Kate and Brian discontentedly.

However... No one seemed to have noticed Lily's grievance...

They were still sweet...

"Drink more milk." Brian

back. "

"Thank you. Jacob. " Kate stared at Jacob with a foxy smile. She would not forget that the tangle between Jacob and Lora that Jacob might look down upon Lora. Lora were her friends so she would support Lora.

Jacob knew the reason why Kate put on this expression, and reminded her, "Miss Kate, don't forget that you still owe me a favor. Well, it was a long time ago."

Kate blinked, then she suddenly remembered when she had just met Jacob, she asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend to reassure her mother. Unfortunately, at that time, Jacob hadn't done much because of Brian's sudden appearance.

But in fact, Kate did owe Jacob a favor.

"So, how do you want me to pay you back?" Kate raised her eyebrows and looked at Jacob.

"Don't hurry. I want you to remember that you owe me a favor all the life. Ha-ha!" Jacob snickered.

Kate glared at him and asked, "What's wrong?"

Kate knew that Jacob wouldn't come to her if he had nothing important to do. He must have come to her for something related to work.

"Miss Kate, here is the documents of the construction site. Congratulations! You're still the legal person in charge of this construction site. You just need to be responsible for and follow up. Other things will be handled by special people. "

To put it bluntly, if she wanted to step in, she could do it; if she didn't want to, someone would also do her job.

Kate took over the documents handed over by Jacob. She was a little stunned. When Brian misunderstood she had betrayed the company, all the documents were handed over to the company. Now, did everything go on as usual?

"Miss Kate, cheer up. Don't humiliate our president." Jacob patted Kate on her shoulder and laughed.

"Of course not." Kate raised her head confidently, showing no fear to this tall man.

Jacob smiled, nodded, turned and left.

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