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   Chapter 179 The Most Shameful Thing

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After the boring and leisurely days in a row, Kate thought she had recovered well. She was not as weak as before, but Brian hadn't allowed her to go back to work.

Today, Lily looked very different from usual. With her chin on her hand and her bright eyes staring at Lily who was sitting on the sofa, Kate touched her almost invisible beard and pretended to think.

In the end, she really couldn't find anything wrong about her. She could only take a way to interview him and asked doubtfully, "do you have a sad emotion as well?"

Lily rolled her eyes at her and said, "today is my classmate's birthday. Could you please go with me?"

Lily's classmate? What did that have to do with her? Kate was about to refuse, but she was stopped by Lily. Kate lowered her eyes to look at her. Lily shook Kate's arm and said with a frown, "Kate, it's not difficult to go with me."

She was half threatening and half coquettish.

Lily... Rubbing her forehead, Kate said: "it's your classmate's birthday. Won't it be a little abrupt for me to go there?"

"It's not abrupt. You saw the scene of my birthday last time, didn't you? Their parties were also like that and they didn't care who you were. " Lily said indignantly.

Moving her eyes around, Kate thought of one thing which had aroused her interest for several days. Was it taking advantage of Lily if she asked it now? Kate grinned and looked at Lily with a big smile. "Then tell me what happened between you and Hobson."

Speaking of this, half of Lily's face suddenly darkened. Time stopped. Kate winced her neck and took the doll on the sofa as a shield. She was really afraid that Lily would suddenly pounce on her and bite her.

After a long time, Lily raised her head and took a glance at the spineless Kate hiding behind the big bear doll. She firmly said: "you can't laugh at me."

"I promise." Kate was a curious girl. She had been tortured by the thing between Lily and Hobson for several days. As long as there was a chance, she wouldn't let it go.

"If you laugh, you have to listen to me for a week. Do whatever I ask you to do." Lily said with concern.

"Okay, you can say it." Said Kate.

Lily was silent again. She lowered her head as if she was preparing for the story. Kate waited for a long time before she heard Lily's voice.

"There was a magic show in the Welcome party for freshman. The magician was Hobson and I was his assistant." Lily looked at Kate who listened to her carefully and continued, "that night, what he performed was a pigeon flying out of my body."

Kate nodded. It was a nice magic.

Lily rolled her eyes at her and said with difficulty, "there was an accident during the performance, and he accidentally pulled my dress and took off it in front of the whole school."

"Haha..." Hiding behind the doll, Kate tried not to laugh. She shrugged her shoulders and twitched like a crazy patient.

Lily's face darkened immediately. She stared at Kate behind the bear doll with a sinister look, "you said you wouldn't laug

on't want to go to the birthday party, why not refuse it." Kate could tell that Lily was extremely reluctant.

"But that's my best friend. What if she won't play with me?" Lily sighed. It was not easy to make friends with friends.

Kate was forbade to do make-up by Brian, and Lily only wore a light make-up with a cute bow on the head. Kate sat on the bed, watching Lily making a funny face in the mirror, and could not help smiling.

Even though she felt a little boring these days, Kate still liked to live in a peaceful and peaceful life. The peaceful and peaceful life, like a peaceful lake, without waves, but in fact, she was very tender and warm.

Though nothing has happened now, it doesn't mean it won't happen in the future. Kate didn't know how to explain her pregnancy to Mary. After hearing that Mary would rather accept the child as rapist's than admit that the child is Li family's, she really didn't know what to say.

She was also worried about Lily and Colin, who were more difficult to be together than her and Brian. Colin was at the age to get married, but how would Lily do if Colin got married?

They didn't want to talk about it and they just wanted to run away from it. Just like William, he didn't say anything and was afraid of losing it as soon as he said it. But didn't he lose it in the end?

They believed that lies would break into pieces one day and the truth would be exposed to them. Where were they then.

About this, Kate felt herself as pathetic as William.

Kate turned her head and looked at the dark sky. The sun had already set and it was going to be winter, the coldest season of the year.

After getting everything ready, they went out to take a walk in the garden when they still had time. Lily looked at the osmanthus tree in the backyard, jumped and picked a small flower. She smelled it and smiled. "It's time to make osmanthus cake."

Kate also nodded with a smile.

She didn't wish for a long time, but she hoped that such a life could be longer

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