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   Chapter 176 Another Truth

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When she returned to Li's mansion, Zoey was already waiting for her in the hall.

"Sorry for waiting for me, Dr. Ding." Brian's " Dr. Ding" made their relationship clear.

Zoey's heart ached. With a gentle smile, she said, "not long ago. What's wrong with your face?"

Without answering him, Brian sat on the sofa and pile up his sleeves. Standing beside him, Zoey began to acupuncture. She looked gentle and lovely, and was really good at it.

"Brian? You've never mentioned that you have a wife." Zoey said slowly, trying to get closer to him.

"It has nothing to do with the injury of my hand." Said Brian in a cold tone. He didn't even look at Zoey.

Since he was injured in the car accident, Zoey and Lily had been taking care of him. And it was Zoey who had actively helped him recover his arm. He would thank her for these things. However, Brian knew Zoey's thoughts.

If he had to marry a woman without Kate, he might consider marrying her.

Hearing Brian's words, Zoey could not help but feel depressed. If 'his arm couldn't be cured all the time. Can I stay with him all the time

"You don't have to treat me in the future. I will pay you all the medical fees," Brian said coldly.

Shocked, Zoey looked at him and asked, "why? Are you doubting my medical skills? "

Brian shook his head, looked at Zoey coldly, and said, "Dr. Ding's medical skill is very good, but I know my own injury. There isn't 100% thing. I don't want to gamble.

The acupuncture was a long process and it had little effect. He never liked to wait.

Biting her lips, Zoey didn't say a word, but her eyes were tearful. She knew that Brian would not give her any chance to approach. She knew something must have happened to him. Although he had been very cold to her before, he hadn't refused her so obviously.

She had never seen his so-called wife visit him when he was in hospital. By the way, Lily had said that Brian had lost part of his memory. Has he regained his memory now? Before he could finish his sentence, James interrupted and impatiently pushed him away.

After the acupuncture, without a moment's rest, Colin got up and left.

"It's too late. Stay here." Walking to the door and looking at his back, Zoey couldn't help saying.

However, her words did not work at all. She heard a roar of wind. Hearing that, Brian left without looking back.

The next day, Kate slowly woke up, but the man next to her was still asleep. She turned to look at him and saw that he frowned, but his face was still cold, without any temperature.

Kate put her hand on his brow, raised her head and kissed him on the lips.

"My sleeping beauty, time to get up."

She called him softly. Without opening his eyes, Brian accurately pressed his lips on hers. While kissing, he smiled and said, "kitten, this kiss can't wake up the sleeping beauty."



Kate was stunned and looked at Lily. Brian was truly wronged. When she was in a daze and saw Colin stand up at that time, she thought it was an illusion, so she didn't think of anything about Colin

Kate patted her head, speechless for a moment. It was not easy to offend men of Li family, actually

Did Brian know it? So that's why he fight with Colin last night? Why didn't he stop them! He still let Colin bully Lily. Kate was furious and cursed Brian in her mind.

Seeing that Kate was agitated, Lily said nervously, "be careful, don't hurt the baby."

Kate took a deep breath and calmed down. She turned around and asked Lily, "what are you going to do?"

"I don't know," Lily replied honestly. She was the passive one who had no idea what to do.

Kate sighed. She thought that she couldn't tell this matter to William and Juliet, or it would cause a huge uproar. Besides, since Colin loved Lily so much, apart from status, Kate also supported their relationship.

However They were brother and sister Although they were not related by blood.

'Trouble came one by one.' Kate sighed and shook her head. She had just dealt with the problem of the construction site, and now a problem between brother and sister appeared. She was exhausted

"Never mind. If anything happens to you, we'll be there to face it. " Kate could only comfort her.

Lily looked at Kate with gratitude. She nodded her head heavily and grinned.

Kate didn't mention anything about Colin anymore, but casually asked, "what are you going to do during your winter vacation?"

"I need to be the 24-hour nurse to take care of you and the baby." Lily blinked at Kate with a serious look.

Kate's face twitched.

"Madam, Miss, it's time for lunch." Maria greeted with respect.

Madam Kate was stunned and wondered when she became Madam..

Well, Madam is quite good. Haha Kate smiled with satisfaction.

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