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   Chapter 172 The Case Was Over

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When Kate walked out of the police station, with the warm sunshine falling on her, she opened her arms. It was nice to be in the sun. Everything was about to come to an end.

"Lily, let's go home." Kate gave a bright smile to Lily who was standing behind her.

Lily nodded and followed Kate with a big smile.

After so many days, the mystery was finally solved, and they were relieved. The scandal about the Li group would slowly disappear as time went by, and the Li group would be promoted faster.

However... Kate was still a little confused. Who was the person that Mona told about?

Did someone really do that? Or did she just say it casually?

Anyway, the matter had been settled, and there was nothing to tangle about.

Back in the car, Kate couldn't help but admire Brian and talked to Lily, "I am going to help your brother investigate this case. But it seems that he doesn't need my help at all. " Her effort was in vain.

Brian started the investigation with the main information, while Kate did it from the details. Naturally, he did faster than she did.

"Of course, I have told you Brother Brian can do anything." Lily puffed up her nose proudly. Kate looked at her who was with great proud. She was praising Brian, not her...

But Kate still felt a little bit blue. From now on, Mona would really disappear from her life. No matter what kind of conflict they had before, she couldn't help feeling a little dejected when she was forced to leave her life alone.

Kate can't help but sighed deeply. She hadn't seen Ryan for a long time. She wondered how he would react after he knew about it. She always felt guilty to him, which could not be dispelled.

Lora was calling her on the phone.

"Hello, Lora." Kate called Loran.

"It turned out to be Mona. She is too tough. You two have been entangled with each other for nearly six years. " Lora sighed.

Hearing what Lora said, Kate felt a lump in her throat. She and Mona had been in a hostile relationship, but they were also very familiar with each other and the other's weakness.

It had been six years...

Kate lost an enemy that she had fought against for six years but she was not happy at all. On the contrary, she felt empty in her heart.

Kate remembered she met Mona in the selection of student union. They were both in the planning department. Because they were both good-looking, they were often compared by others. As a matter of fact, they had different temperament and there was nothing to compare. It was just nonsense, but Mona took it seriously.

Mona was defeated by Kate in the school beauty campaign. It was said that Mona was a coquettish woman and she didn't look like a good girl.

Kate was elected minister of the student union, while Mona was elected vice-minister. It was Kate that is more popular than Mona, so Kate got more votes than Mona did.

Mona also lost out to Kate when they ran for president because Moore had given Kate great support.

This was the same result every time. In fact, Mona won many times. But she didn't see her advantages, she only saw the merits of Kate. Wha

olin left with his long legs. His back was cold and decisive.

If the little brother you are talking about has no blood relationship with you, will you still regard him as your brother? Colin looked at the sky outside the window. He had been suppressed for almost twenty years by a secret. He didn't want to wait any longer like a slaughtered lamb.

The secret would be uncovered one day. Only if he got the supreme power to control the Li group or destroy it, he could get the equal position with them.

But why did Brian win every time?

Colin clenched his fists and pounded the heavy table hard. It seemed he couldn't get over it, Colin waved the papers off the table together.

Colin's two secretaries dared not to dissuade him when they saw him getting angry and they both got out of the office.

"Colin, what's wrong?" Zoey pushed the door open and asked in confusion.

Zoey came to bring food for Brian. By the way, she come to see Colin.

"Don't worry. There are cockroaches on the table." Seeing Zoey coming in, Colin regained his usual tenderness and nodded politely to her. "Have a seat."

"This is for you. You two have worked hard for the Li group." Zoey put the food on Colin's table.

Without any emotional fluctuation, Colin thanked Zoey politely and then cleared up the documents on the table. His cultivation for more than 20 years had almost been broken because of Brian.

The two secretaries saw this and hurried to help Colin clean up.

Zoey also helped Colin. And Colin thanked her politely and said nothing more.

"Then I'll go first." Zoey felt bored. She had thought that Colin was a gentle man who was good at coaxing girls. However, she didn't expect although Colin was a gentle man, he couldn't initiate conversation with others just like Brian.

After Zoey left, Colin called Lily.

"What's up, Brother Colin? We are going back to the villa. " Lily said with a smile.

"Lily, Go back to the mansion tonight. I have something to tell you." Colin's tone was full of love and tenderness.

"Okay!" Lily replied briskly.

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