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   Chapter 171 Mona Went To Jail

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At Li's mansion.

Zoey stood at the door and waited for Brian to come back. Seeing her like this, William could not help but walk close to her and said, "Zoey, come in and wait. It's windy outside."

"It's okay. I'll wait here." Zoey looked back and smiled at William.

Zoey's intention was so obvious that it was not hard for William to decipher. But she was not a good match for Brian. Brian and Kate had already married.

"Zoey, thank you for taking care of Brian these days. I don't know how to pay you back. If Brian has not been married, I would like you to be my daughter-in-law. " Marwell said half jokingly and half seriously.

"He got married?" Zoey asked in a daze.

"Didn't he mention it to you?" Asked William.

Shaking her head, Zoey smiled helplessly. "He never mentioned anything to me. I said everything to myself."

"That's him. You don't have to mind. But he treated his wife very well. What a pity that they seldom came back together. " William smiled. Since Kate was his daughter, of course he was still protecting her.

"Really?" Zoey asked with a bewildered look.

Noticing the change in Zoey's eyes, William said, "Colin is a good boy. You can see that at home. Zoey, I like you very much and hope you can stay in our family. "

To put it bluntly, he wanted Zoey to be with Colin.

Before Zoey could refuse, she saw Brian's car coming in slowly from the outside. She hastily walked up to it.

"Hi, Brian. You're back." She walked to the back door and waited for him to get off.

Brian nodded, without looking at her, and went straight into the Li family.

Zoey was depressed, but she soon raised a gentle smile and followed Brian.

There was no change in the Li family. After the morality incident, the white hair on William's head increased day by day, and he was a few years older. After the incident was settled down, no one mentioned it again.

Now there was another thing that happened. With a heavy sigh, William sat down in front of Brian and asked, "how is it now?"

Brian rubbed the spot between his eyebrows with one hand, and then summoned the other to ask Zoey to acupuncture.

"You can see the results tomorrow." His voice was as cold as winter, without any ups and downs. It seemed that the person sitting in front of him was not a person, but a dispensable ice sculpture.

"Well, that's good." Taking a look at Zoey, William said, "when can you bring Kate back home? It is inappropriate to hide her all the time. People will think that you are unmarried if you don't tell them."

"Yes." Brian didn't contradict William..

"Have you found out where Kate lives?" William asked again.

"No." Brian denied.

William lowered his head in despair. He was old and had to depend on his child for everything. Although Brian was the most naughty boy, he loved him and trusted him t

prominence, and I can match Brian. That person said it was a good way to kill two birds with one stone. " Mona laughed.

"Did you bribe Mr. Zhang?" Kate didn't want to hear her nonsense.

"Yes, it's me. I got the poisonous materials. When there was no one in the construction site, I secretly changed the materials. I also put some poisonous chemicals in some workers' rooms, in order to increase their death. " Mona looked at Kate coldly.

"But they are too tough to be killed. That's why I went to the hospital and drugged that patient who hasn't woken up yet. I want him dead. Your crime will be found only if he dies. I will never have to face you, I will not have to see your disgusting face, and I will not hear your disgusting words. "

"Brian is mine. Kate, you can't compete with me! Only when you have an accident and you disappear, can he really belong to me. "

"Kate, why do you always take my things? Why do you always take my things? I'm obviously better than you, prettier than you, and my background is much better than yours. But why do you always win? "

"This is our last match. I lost! I could have won, but why did he help you? How can he possibly track me down? I have done it very well. No one can't find out. "

"I win! I lost. I win! I lost Haha, I still win. Kate, I won't let you go. I will never let you go! " With these words, Mona stared at Kate fiercely and laughed wildly.

Kate shook her head and said, "Mona, you have to follow our deal. Whether we can win, we can lose. Be cool, okay? "

Her words made Mona slightly stunned.

With calmness arising from Mona's turbid eyes for a moment, she fixed her eyes on Kate and grinned, "someone wants to attack the Li group. Kate, it's not over yet."

After that, she suddenly lowered her face and hands, and her tone returned to normal. She muttered decadent, "I lost, I lost."

Kate sighed, stood up and left.

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