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   Chapter 166 Take Her Back Home

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Holding her in his arms, Brian left step by step. After they left, those dull doctors and nurses rushed to the ward.

The air outside was even colder than inside. Kate shrank back into his arms unconsciously. Brian quickened his pace, opened the door, sat on the driver's seat and kept Kate in his arms.

"Are you cold?" Brian held her even tighter.

Kate shook her head, put her hands around his waist, looked up and smiled at him, saying, "CEO, you look like a hero."

He turned up when she needed him most. He would knock the bad guys down on the ground, and then take her away. He was as Superman in time, but Superman.. belonged to everyone.

Kate's eyes darkened.

"Are you sending me to the police station?" She asked in a low and weak voice, which contained a lot of complex emotions, cowardice, helplessness, fear, and a bit of expectation.

Brian's heart ached. He gently kissed her hair and said in a low and gentle voice, "kitten, I'm here to take you back home."

This sentence was not sentimental at all, but it made Kate burst into tears. In her ears, this word was sweeter and more lingering than any love word in the world.

"I'll take you and the baby home." His pleasant voice rang in her ears like a song with sentimental sentiments, or a cup of wine of a thousand years'. It was so intoxicating that she couldn't help but fall in love with it.

He clasped her back head, bent over and kissed her tears, little by little, and then moved the kiss to her lips. His lips were burning, while hers was cold. The ice and fire met and melt into each other's warmth

He came to find her, to save her To tell her that he was coming to take her home

All of these were just like her beautiful dream and everything stopped in her dream. When she woke up, where should she go Kate felt a sharp pain in her head, and she was in a daze, as if her head had been stuffed with thick milk.

If it was a dream, she didn't want to wake up.

The warm sunlight poured in from the window, the breeze blew in from the window, the curtain gently raised, and the quilt on the bed moved. She raised her head with difficulty and rubbed her aching forehead, but didn't dare to open her eyes.

She couldn't remember clearly what happened last night, the craziness of Justin, then Brian appeared

Or Brian didn't appear at all Then she is now

"Does your head still hurt?" When she heard a gentle and low voice above her, Kate was stunned. She was very familiar with this voice. It was his voice.

She looked up blankly, and the man in the dream suddenly appeared in front of her. Kate reached out her hands and gently put them on his face and pinched, feeling warm and soft. She believed that he was real.

"What Why are you here? " Kate asked innocently.

Shouldn't he be in the company now? How could he be with her.

"Where can I go without here?" Brian held her little hand, with tende

her eyebrows, and answered, "occasionally."

Kate carefully rolled his sleeve up, and her whole arm was covered with tiny needle holes. Her heart ached as if it was pricked by a needle. How many needles did he get.

She remembered that he had told her that Zoey was his attending doctor. Did that woman put the needle into his arm?

"When will it recover?" Kate held back her tears and asked him in a low voice.

"Will you dislike me if I cannot be cured?" Brian stared at her bright eyes, waiting for her answer.

"Yes, I will. despise you for not being able to take care of yourself. And I will take care of you for the rest of my life. " Kate answered. She looked at him seriously, "so, you must get cured."

Hearing that, Brian was slightly stunned. After a while, he chuckled. His sexy thin lips looked very weird in the sun. His gentle eyebrows and eyes, as well as his delicate and outstanding features, with the perfect hard and hard outline, and the delicate hair gently placed on his forehead.

The CEO smiled more charming. Kate rubbed her eyes and didn't believe that someone could smile so charming. His smile was so charming and brilliant

"Okay." Nodding his head, Brian turned over and pressed on her body. Biting her nose which she was proud of, he kissed her on the cheek and asked, "have you finished your questions?"

Kate nodded in confusion.

"Then Shouldn't we do something else? " Brian smiled. Then he put his white finger into her hair, clasped the back of her head, and kissed her heavily.

Knowing what he was going to do, Kate flushed. She gently pressed her hands against his chest and said in a low voice: "be careful. I'm afraid that I'll hurt the baby."

Her voice was soft and coquettish.

Kate closed her eyes, put her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

Kate rested her head on his chest, feeling his strong heartbeat. She grinned.

Baby, daddy finally came to pick us home.

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