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   Chapter 162 The Desperate Pain

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 10165

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Justin had no desire to leave. He knew that Kate was a stubborn girl, but he also knew that she would fall down before long.

Kate still wanted to say something. But her head was so heavy that she wanted to fall down. After returning to her hometown, she was in poor health and her strength was as weak as being sucked away.

She tried to hold on, but her consciousness was fading away gradually. At the moment when her consciousness disappeared, she saw Justin coming up.

What she didn't know was that Brian was behind her, and Brian was faster than Justin.

"If Master. Li wants the land, I'll give it to you." Then Justin shifted his gaze to Kate's hand that was holding in Brian's arms and said: "but I hope Master. Li can forgive my girlfriend's mistakes. I will take the consequences."

Brian harrumphed and cast a cold glance at Justin, "too late. Mr. Tang, from the moment you send her here, you could take her back. "

Looking at the arm that was hidden in the sleeves of Brian's suit, Justin suddenly smiled. "Master. Li, can you still hold her up now? Can you bring her the happiness she wants? "

"None of your business." Brian said with his cold and malicious voice. He held Kate's arm and bent over to pick her up. Since he couldn't carry her which didn't mean that he couldn't put her on his back.

Carrying Kate on her back, he walked by Justin. The strong wind cooled Justin down.

He thought that he might lose miserably this time.

He fought against Brian with everything the Chen group had, hoping to have a chance to take care of Kate, but it was a small wish that nobody could give him.

People from the first floor to the 95th floor all came out to watch what happened in the gate of the Li group. When they saw that Brian took people away, everyone couldn't help but cheer, even if they didn't know who Kate was.

"Didn't the CEO fire Kate? Why did you carry her away? " Lea asked with puzzlement.

"Does the CEO and Kate Is there something fishy? " Caro was also curious about the scene.

They looked at each other and were stunned. They didn't know that Kate was so close to their CEO!

The expression on Vicky's face became ferocious. She wondered if Brian was still going to protect Kate after she putting all the evidences in front of Brian?

A lengthen Rolls Royce phantom stopped at the door of the Faraway community. Brian took her back to her apartment, opened the door and sent her back to her bedroom. He put her on the bed and covered her with the quilt. When he was about to leave, Kate gently pulled his trouser leg.

"Brian..." Her pale lips softly twitched.

Hearing that, Brian's body froze. He turned around and looked at her. He wanted to know whether she was pretending or just having a dream.

Still in tears, she mumbled, "please believe me..."

The voice was like a broken glass bottle, fragile.

With a frown, Brian forced apart her little hands bit by bit. Kate looked more fragile with her face becoming desperate. She took back her hands a

he team. At that time, she thought the luckiest thing was she met Sherry. Later, in order to get the position of the chairman of the student union, Mona set her and Sherry up, which caused a big scandal in the city.

Because of her, Moore went abroad and Ryan had a broken leg because of her.

When she came to Li group, she got acquainted with Brian. Moore felt relieved and Ryan had forgiven her. She thought everything was over, but she didn't expect that she would meet William.

It was her fault that Brian's right arm was broken.

She lied to her mother again.

She was a disaster. Brian's disbelief was her punishment. She finally lost everything.

Kate couldn't hear clearly what Justin said next, so she just hung up. Lora didn't come back, nor did Lily. The room was so quiet that only her breathing could be heard.

Kate slowly got up from the bed, walked to the desk and picked up the noodles in the bowl as slowly as an old lady in her seventies.

The smell It tasted like that cooked by him.

But it couldn't be cooked by him. He wouldn't cook noodles for her anymore.. He had abandoned her thoroughly

Tears streamed down from her eyes to the bowl. Kate wiped her eyes, but the more tears she wiped, the more tears dropped. She simply stopped, allowing the tears to fall. In the end, she picked up the noodles, mixed with tears, and ate them all.

Kate was huddled up on the bed with her hands around the knees. She buried her head into the knees, trembling with cold, but she didn't want to take the quilt.

As long as she could overindulge herself this time, she would be satisfied.

By tomorrow, she would forget everything, restart her life and give birth to their baby. She would tell the baby that his dad was a great man.. She was a sinner. God didn't want her to be happy.

Kate felt icy cold all over her body. Her teeth were chattering and she fell asleep slowly.

In her dream, Brian turned around and left. Her mother turned around and left Everyone had left her

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