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   Chapter 161 Betrayal

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9879

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The next day, Kate got up early. After dressing up, she leisurely had breakfast before she went to the company with Lora.

A familiar car had stopped at the gate of the Faraway community. Kate wanted to pretend not to see it, but Justin pulled down the window and greeted her, "good morning."

"Good morning." Kate was so sad that she almost cried. When she turned around, she grinned with a standard smile.

"Kate, you don't have to pretend to smile." Justin smiled.

"As a qualified secretary, smile is the basic skill." Kate smiled.

Lora stared at Justin and found he was another handsome guy. There were much more handsome boy recently!

"Get in the car." Justin said.

"We are not going in the same direction." As soon as Kate said, Lora opened the car door and got in. Looking at Kate who was in embarrassment at the roadside, Justin smiled but didn't say anything.

Lora, you traitor. Kate touched her forehead and sat beside Lora.

"Handsome boy, what's your name? You look like the deputy CEO of Chen group! " Lora asked.

"Justin," Justin replied.

"Wow! Ah ah ah! You are the deputy CEO! Oh my God! I am sitting in the deputy CEO's car! " Lora looked around in shock.

Kate patted Lora's head and said, "can you be a little more aspiring? We work in the Li group. " We should admire their CEO! Such an undisciplined woman!

"Why does the CEO look so handsome..." As if not hearing what Kate said, Lora looked at Justin with coveted eyes.

Hearing this, Kate could only sigh that Lora had met few men, and those CEOs who had business with her were not handsome at all!

"Justin, you don't have to come to me anymore. I'm fine." Kate spoke peacefully.

"Don't listen to her. She really wants you to come to her." Lora twisted the back of Kate's hand and said with a smile, "welcome to the Faraway community. By the way, her room number is 504."

Kate watched as Lora who described her as a 16-year-old longing girl, with all kinds of bad information floating in the car. She wanted to interrupt, but her voice was completely drowned by Lora's.

Actually, Lora was the 16-years-old girl

Lora kept talking until they arrived at the Li group. Then Kate pulled her down.

Seeing that Justin, who used to be the prince of sunshine, rubbed his ears and his face was covered by a dark shadow, Kate was totally speechless about Lora.

"Kate, I really hope what she said is true," After a few seconds, Justin regained his composure and smiled brightly at Kate.

Kate's face twitched and said, "Justin, I'm not that horny in your mind..."

"……" Everyone was silent.

Finishing her words, Kate left with sad Lora.

Brian on the 95th floor stared at Justin's car parking on the gate of the Li group. His face was more dark.

Looking at Brian, Jacob made a concession. Though he didn't get along well with Kate and he hated her now, he still prayed to the God for keeping Kate from dying so

d back and bumped into the door. She opened the door with trembling hands and staggered out of the CEO's office and pressed the elevator button.

When she entered the elevator, she couldn't help but lean weakly in the elevator. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she couldn't even think about why the document was in Justin's hand.

His distrust destroyed her whole life.

If she had known what would happen today, she wouldn't have come back yesterday. She had been staying in that small town, admiring the scenery and going shopping with nothing in her mind.

Could they go back?

She tried her best to protect the Li group this morning, but she was fired because she betrayed the Li group and him.

But she did nothing

When the elevator reached the first floor, Kate didn't call Lora. She staggered out of the Li group. She would no longer belong here.

"Kate." Justin's voice came from the gate of the Li group. He seemed to have foreseen that she would be so embarrassed today and be expelled.

But why did he say nothing.

Justin came over to hold her up, but Kate waved his hand away. With disheveled hair, she looked like a crazy woman. "Get out, get out!"

"Listen to me, Kate." Justin wanted to explain.

"I don't want to hear it anymore, Justin. I'm tired. Don't push me so hard, okay? " Kate stepped back and covered her head. Her eyes were red and swollen. She was like an orphan abandoned by the whole world.

"I know, but you have a baby. You can't take care of it yourself." Justin frowned and slowly approached her.

Kate stepped back and smiled: "how do you know that I can't take care of him? Don't consider me as a weak woman. Even if there is only one person that is still alive in the world, I can tell you that it is me!"

"Justin, leave me. I will go my own way. I don't need any help. " Kate supported herself with all strength, as if her head was filled with thick milk that it didn't belong to her anymore.

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