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   Chapter 160 The Further Distance

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"Thank you." Said Kate softly.

"I like to be more practical." Brian squinted at her with obvious insinuation.

Kate's face was burning like fire. She stood on tiptoe and raised her head, kissing Brian's face which was lowered. Then she quickly opened the door and shrank back.

Brian outside the door shook his head helplessly. The girl's politeness was in great need of progress. Just at that moment, his phone rang. It was from Zoey. With smile on his face disappearing, he picked it up.

"Brian? Have you come back to Z City?"


"Okay, I'll wait for you."

Hanging up the phone, Brian turned around and looked at the black stairs. His dark eyes twinkled slightly. He could have woken her up. Even he himself didn't understand why he had to carry an employee back to the door.

The only explanation was that the car accident made him foolish. Brian shook his head and walked downstairs.

As Lora saw a man slip in fast and then lean firmly against the door, she took a look at the person who was standing there and could not help but ask, "Kate, Why are you leaning against the door! Are you silly now? "

It seemed that Kate didn't hear what Lora said. After several minutes, she opened the door carefully. It was empty. He had left

"Kate, are you really silly?" Lora quickly walked up to Kate and touched her forehead with his hand. "It's very hot. Do you have a fever? Your face is still so red! "

With that, Kate pushed Lora's hand away and went straight to the sofa and lay down. She couldn't help smiling.

Lora's heart beat faster when she saw abnormal Kate. She got away from her and asked in a trembling voice, "are you a ghost?"

Kate rolled her eyes at Lora, opened her bag and took out a copper jewelry. She looked at Lora and asked in a loud voice, "do you want a gift?"

Lora couldn't care whether Kate was a ghost or not when she heard gift, so they rushed to her and took away the bronze jewels. The ornaments were delicate and vintage, which looked beautiful on her hair.

"Thank you, Kate!" Looking at herself in the mirror, Lora suddenly hugged Kate, pouting and coming close to her.

Kate pushed Lora away in disgust, "stop disgusting me!"

Seeing that Lora was so happy, Kate smiled too. It seemed that her gift was quite good.

"Well, Kate, aren't you on a business trip today? Why would there be souvenirs? " Lora asked while looking at the accessories.

"I bought it when I saw it." Said Kate, pretending to be casual.

Lora looked at her suspiciously and shook her arm. "Just tell me the truth. I can see that you have been as depressed as a ghost these days. After two days of business trip, you've changed. Well, look, there's no dark circles under my eyes. It's not like you are on a business trip. You are on holiday! "

"Ahhh! Hickey! Tell me, who did you go on a business trip with! And who sent you back just now? " Noticing the hickey on Kate's neck, Lora screamed with excitement, stretching out his hand to pull Kate's clothes apart.

Of course, Kate

man emotions changed too fast, from sadness to joy, from joy to sadness. It only took a few minutes.

She slowly reached out her hand, but found nothing.

Kate, you are too greedy. You are doomed to lose everything. '. A sound was trembling with fear as a voice echoed in her mind.

She leaned her head back slightly. The warm embrace she had held had already disappeared. He did not belong to her. He had forgotten her.

He remembered what Brian had said in the hotel. He said he would forget her because he could not remember deeply and because she was not important.

Heartbroken, Kate closed her eyes. She was a total wretch, who had no one to rely on or get anything she wanted.

At Li's mansion.

Leaning against the head of the bed, Zoey put away the needle and sat beside Brian's bed. She looked at Brian and said softly, "Brian, have you been tired in the past two days? Ask Colin to do all these things for you in the future. You should have a good rest. "

As she spoke, she leaned her head against Brian's shoulder, her soft hair poured down. She was wearing a silk nightgown, her good figure looming, and her soft hand slowly put on his chest. She winked at him.

The next second, Brian pushed her away, frowning. "Thanks for your kindness, Miss Zoey. But it's getting late. I need to go to bed."

Her tone was polite and alienated.

"Well, have a good rest." Zoey stood up, with a fine face and gentle tone. She stared at him for a long time before turning around and leaving.

Suddenly, Brian took out his phone and typed a number unconsciously. He deleted it, and pressed again. This number was like a magic spell, but he had already forgotten where this number came from.

Outside the door, Zoey did not leave. During the treatment, she saw the marks on his body. He couldn't help clenching his fists. Who would be his business partner? Was she the reckless secretary?

She also met that little secretary at the hospital last time. What was the relationship between her and Brian?

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