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   Chapter 159 The Journey To The Town

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 7379

Updated: 2020-02-21 00:25

"I will take some souvenirs back to Lily and Lora." Kate looked at these kinds of goods and said. She could not help but smile at the thought of the happy expressions of those two girls who obtained souvenirs.

However There was still no news from her best friend.

Kate got rid of the melancholy, took out an antique pendant, turned around and asked Brian, "is this beautiful?"

"Not bad." Brian said casually after giving several perfunctory glances at her.

Kate rolled her eyes at him and sighed. She thought she'd better buy whatever she liked. She felt so lucky that the CEO could keep her company.

After choosing two of her favorite souvenirs, Kate bought another pair. Although there was no news from Sherry, she believed that one day, she would come back.

There were a pairs of gift for Sherry, the one was for her, the other one was for Sherry.

Glancing at the gift, Brian did not speak.

When they were about to finish shopping, Brian suddenly asked, "what about me?"

Kate was stunned and looked at him in confusion. "What?"

"You didn't buy me any present." Brian looked at her with conviction.

Kate didn't get it. He was asking her for a present What kind of person

"No, you didn't buy me one." Kate refused her with great confidence.

The moment she finished her words, a necklace with bell was put around her neck. Kate was stunned. 'he Bought by me? When did he buy it?

"Why a necklace?" Kate tried to hold back her excitement and pretended to be unhappy.

"Your logo." Answered Brian.

"……" Kate was silent.

Brian then grabbed the bell on the necklace and dragged Kate away.

Since they didn't book a room and it was a tourist attraction, they had checked several places and finally got a hotel room which only had one room left in the journey.

Kate hesitated but Brian had paid the bill.

Though it was a bit expensive, the room was clean and well equipped. The bed was near the window, through which, you could see the river outside the window. Many boats with lighted lanterns touched the river and swayed it gently, which looked warm and beautiful.

Kate was in a daze while looking out of the window. She didn't notice that

rowned. This girl was not defensive at all. He held her up and put her on his lap. As usual, Kate put her arms around his neck, snuggled in his arms and fell asleep happily.

Seeing her face full of satisfaction, Brian didn't have the heart to disturb her sleep. He held her quietly, and the car was speeding towards the Z city.

In the evening, she just returned to the Faraway community in Z city. Kate had woken up when Brian was climbing the stairs, and she was on Brian's back. It was an old apartment. The elevator went wrong every day, so she had to climb the stairs everyday.

"Brian" With her arms around his neck, Kate called his name.


"I can go up by myself." Kate said in a low voice.

He had taken good care of her all the time, which made Kate feel very embarrassed. Besides, he was injured.

"Shut up." Brian roared in a low voice impatiently.

Kate lowered her head and put her arms around his neck tighter. She suddenly felt something was strange. How could the prominent CEO carry her on the stairs?

Someone told me that the most romantic thing in the world is that you are willing to take me to climb the 999th floor. He didn't have to carry her on his back and climb so high. It was enough for them to go downstairs and reach her home.

He walked steadily with her on his back, as if he had no burden.

Without asking where she lived, he sent her to her room's door and put her down gently. Kate's face turned red.

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