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   Chapter 158 The CEO Who Can't Distinguish Work From Private Interests

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Kate followed Brian into the room, packed up her things, and put the clothes torn up by someone last night into her bag, which Brian watched coldly.

But when he saw the blush on her face, he suddenly felt happy.

The breakfast was eaten in the room. Kate ran to the table first and sat down. She called Brian, "CEO, come and have breakfast."

Hearing that, the corners of Brian twitched, as if he was the true master She now acted as if she was the host

Seeing that Brian was coming, Kate served him affably. Every dish was what he liked. What a strange woman! No woman knew his eating preferences so clearly.

"Go ahead, what's the matter?" She must be plotting something.

"I seemed to have fought with someone last night. If he asked, would you please put in a good word for me?" It was said that Mr. Gu was a partner of Li group who had cooperated with it for several years. It seemed that Kate had kicked that skinny man several times. She wondered if he would hold a grudge.

"With whom?" Asked Brian

Sure enough Brian forgot what had happened last night. He even forgot that it was he who said the word "get out" that she was able to escape.

"Mr. Gu..." Kate cautiously answered.

"Well, I've signed the contract. It's okay." Without affecting by this, Brian was still eating his breakfast.

Kate was speechless. She didn't speak ill of the CEO. She just wanted to sigh that whoever was trying to do business with Brian was in bad luck

So far, she had not seen a businessman take any advantage of Brian. The uncle of Moore lost a piece of land for no reason, and the contract of Chen family was easily terminated by Brian Everyone was fooled by him

When she met Mr. Gu, he talked about Kate as expected.

"It's not impossible for Mr. Gu to terminate the contract, but I hope you can compensate five times as much as the contract. The Li group doesn't lack your land." But he was contradicted by the last sentence of Brian. He looked gently at the middle-aged man opposite him and added, "the compensation period is twenty-four hours after the termination of the contract."

Now Mr. Gu dare not say anything. Even if he wants to terminate the contract, he can't gather so much money in the short term

While she thought about how cruel her boss was, Kate tittered in her mind. She was not taking pleasure in his misfortune, but could not help it. Being stared at for the whole day with strange eyes, and almost being molested, what's worse, Mr. Gu told Brian what he did later. It would be a lie if Kate said she didn't hate Mr. Gu.

After saying goodbye to Mr. Gu, Brian left with Kate.

"Thank you, CEO." Kate sincerely thanked her.

Brian turned back and looked at Kate as if he was looking at an idiot. It was not her fault. She didn't have to say thanks to him. Kate giggled.

She believed that everything would turn for the better.

Besides the recovery of his memory, Brian's arms could be recovered and the baby will be born safely. Her mother would accept him too.

As long as she was optimistic and positive

not as shameless as Brian. Businessmen had to be shameless, especially those who were profiteers. Thinking of this, Kate felt that her heart was also smooth. Why should she compete with a profiteer?

With a snort, Kate turned her head complacently. Brian chuckled and clasped her small hand with the big hand, their fingers interlocked, just like before. Kate was stunned and looked down at their hands. They were still holding the red rope, just like They had never been apart.

She knew that Brian called her "kitten" just by accident, and he didn't recover his memory.

It was the first time that they had held hands like this when she returned to her hometown.

Although he still hadn't thought of anything, it had given her great courage to face everything.

"Brian, do you take people out for fun every time you are on business trip?" Kate suddenly asked seriously.

"I'm not that kind," Brian rolled his eyes at her.

Kate slightly lowered her head and burst into laughter.

"I brought you here just because I want to make it up to you." Added Brian.

Kate glared at him and thought could he not splash cold water onto her. Just leave some room for her to have fantasy.

Instead of getting angry, Brian smiled and continued to walk ahead with her. He had planned to go back to the company directly after dealing with affairs. He never thought that he would suddenly take her to such a place to waste time.

As soon as Kate turned around, the dog-shape mask fell on her face. She tried to take off the mask, but was stopped by Brian's hand. It seemed that Brian wore the black-face mask which she chose.

This time, Kate thought it was fair and allowed Brian to do whatever he wanted. Many people here wore masks, but it was seldom seen that people wore masks like them.

From time to time, Kate would raise her head and look at that black-face mask. After that, she tittered, not knowing that she was more funny

Hearing that, Brian raised his hand and rubbed her hair. His face under the mask was so gentle.

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