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   Chapter 157 The Drunken CEO

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After they went back to the hotel, Peter, the driver, didn't dare to hold Brian for his inferiority complex. Kate helplessly raised her head and helped him slowly return to his luxury suite.

After locking the door, she put Brian on kingsize's big bed. Being out of breath, she was sweating at the bedside. It seemed that Brian was really heavy. Fortunately, he was not so naughty that he didn't make trouble.

After a short break, Kate saw he didn't said nothing or vomit, then she left.

Before she could stand up, she was held by an arm around her waist. She was a little stunned, and then she was dragged onto the bed by that arm. He had already opened his eyes.

His dark eyes were mixed with wine and his thin red lips gave out the smell of burning. Kate's face was slapped harshly by his smell, and in an instant, her face became a red apple.

"Kitten..." He looked into her eyes and suddenly called her.

Kate was stunned. He He called her just now.

Brian bent over and bit her mouth which was slightly open out of surprise. The smell of wine was lingering between them. The kiss was so affectionate that Kate had lost the power to resist. She just let him take her and did anything he wanted at last.

The next day, Kate woke up with a sour back. Who told her that he behaved well after drinking! She must drag that man back and throw him into the furnace for reexamination!

She didn't fall asleep last night not because she was always safe with him, but because Because she passed out directly. She had thought that Brian was violent enough, but to her surprise, he was even more violent after drinking

Kate, who was in a gloomy mood, in Brian's arm and thought, 'from now on, I won't allow Brian to drink outside or get drunk.'.

Seeing that Brian was still asleep, Kate wanted to sneak out. If he had really forgotten her, then nothing would happen.

But she just moved a little bit. The man who had locked her with one arm woke up.

"Are you leaving?" Looking down at her red face, Brian felt somewhat good.

"Yes," Kate looked a little embarrassed, as she had never been acquainted with the amnesia Brian, "I I think I have not finished sorting out the materials of last night, so I'm going to have a look and sort them out. "

"I don't remember you are so dedicated." Brian sneered. Suddenly, he grabbed Kate's chin and said: "Hey, Is it you have slept with so many men, you don't care about this accident at all."

Her chin hurt from his grip. Kate couldn't help crying out, "it hurts..." Her voice was tinged with a sense of coquetry.

"Say something." As Brian spoke, he frowned and his voice was cold, but his strength was reduced.

Kate felt like weeping but had no tears. How could he be dissatisfied that she didn't need him to take charge of this.

"Do you want to be responsible for me, boss? Do you want me to blackmail you for this? " Kate's face was flushed red, and although her voice was very weak, Brian could still hear what she said clearly.

Hearing this, Brian was a little surprised. Then he sn

e?" Brian asked coldly.

"If I tell you that we were in good relation, will you believe me? Sorry, I don't have any evidence to prove it. " Kate also looked at him and said in a low voice, "there is no point in remembering something if you don't remember it yourself."

No one could talk about emotion.

Brian was silent for a while, and the tone was still cold. "From now on, you'd better keep your distance from Mr. Tang. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude to the Chen family. "

Kate kept silent. She could understand why this man was really angry about this for a whole day? What a mean guy But Kate felt sweet in her heart. If he didn't care about her any more, he didn't need to care about her.

"Then you can't get too close to Zoey." Kate thought that it was rare for her to speak to her face to face, so she said.

Brian raised his eyebrows, looked at her and said lightly, "she is my attending doctor."

"Attending doctor?" Kate was stunned. It turned out that this was the only reason why Zoey was so close to Brian. She had been woolgathering for days

"But someone in the company said she was your fiancee!" Raising her eyebrows, she stared at him shamelessly.

"I'm not going to get married." Glancing at her, the coldness on the face slowly disappeared.

"Oh I see... " It dawned on Kate, but there was a big smile on her face.

Looking at her complacent expression, Brian's tightly twisted lips twitched slightly, which he was not even aware of. He deliberately said, "I forget you, which means you are dispensable to me. Don't think I will really fall in love with you."

"So, Miss Luo, please stop smiling like that." The next second, Brian approached her and whispered in her ear.

These words were like cold water pouring down from her head, extinguishing her just lit hope immediately.

Kate turned around and looked at his back. Kate gnashed her teeth in anger and cursed, "Brian, you bastard!"

Although he was shouting, his voice was very weak. Nobody knew whether Brian had heard it or not.

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