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   Chapter 155 Sleepless Again

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When she opened the door, she smelt the fragrance of dishes. It was then that Kate realized that she was starving. She threw up all the food she had for lunch. She hadn't eaten anything tonight.

"Lora, we are back." Kate called the smiling Lora who was watching TV on the sofa. Then Kate suddenly found David sitting next to Lora. She sighed and thought to herself, 'no wonder the dishes smell so good. How could the cooks of the Li group be fake?

"Let's go for dinner." As Lora waved her hand, she pushed away Kate who was in front of her.

"You don't want to eat?" Kate asked. 'how could Lora, such a foodie, give her any food? Does she realize that she have done something wrong to me?' thought Kate Kate was a little moved.

Unexpectedly, Lora rolled her eyes and deliberately shouted, "I don't want to eat the food cooked by someone. It makes me sick."

"……" 'well, what a waste of time. It turns out that Lora is just angry with David.

Kate looked towards Lily, who said at once, "I had dinner with my second elder brother, and I'm going back to my room to do my homework." Then she walked into the bedroom.

Staring at Lily's retreating figure, Kate lowered her head with a dejected expression. Even Lily knew that she shouldn't have been here to disturb them. How could she have the nerve to stand between them? With a wry smile, she announced, "Lily has an exam tomorrow. I will help her now. Take your time and have fun..."

Then she returned to Sherry's bedroom quickly.

"I'm so hungry. Lily, go and cook noodles for me!" As soon as she went back to the bedroom, Kate was so hungry that she threw herself on the bed and covered herself with the quilt, pitifully looking at Lily.

Kate had just cried. She looked so lovely.

Lily gave her a disdainful look and handed her a lunch box. "Brother bought me a midnight snack. Here you are."

When she saw there was delicious food, Kate moved to Lily with her tired body, opened the lunch box and began to eat happily.

Lily was still studying hard. She didn't notice that Kate was eating and Kate's eyes were staring blankly while eating. It was time for Brian to go home and have dinner.

Was it Zoey who cooked for him? Maybe. Zoey told him in the car that she had cooked some food and is waiting for Brian to come back home. They must be eating happily together now.

Kate was amused by herself. In fact, there was no point in caring about him anymore. When he came to this apartment for the first time, Kate was unable to drive her away. Now, she hoped that he could send her to her apartment, but she could never ask him to do that.

"Kate, have you finished eating? Help me to get an answer which needs to be examined tomorrow." Lily saw she was so slow that she couldn't help urging.

In fact, the exams in college were easy. But Lily was lazy. She was not a person with good memory, so she did a bad job in exams.

"Okay." Kate hastily responded and gobbled u

e thought he had a chance now.

The affectionate look of Justin made Kate a little bit stunned, and then she couldn't help laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" Asked Justin in confusion.

"You remind me of Leo. To be honest, you are a suitable actress for him. Otherwise, it would be a great waste of our country's talent." Kate laughed.

"As you wish, my dear Julie," Justin replied with a smile Then, he grabbed Kate's hand and kissed on the back of it.

Kate was stunned. She quickly took back her hand and glared at him. And Justin just smiled.

Their banters had been seen by Brian, who was ten meters away from them.

As a result, Kate found the car of Brian. With an inexplicable sense of guilt, she bid farewell to Justin. Carrying her bag on the back, she hurried to the car and opened the door, seeing that Brian was sitting inside.

However The CEO's face darkened. Was it because he didn't sleep well yesterday? Kate peeped at Brian who was as cold as ice.

Kate shrank her head and took her bag back to the corner of the car, so that Brian would take up most of the space.

Since Brian didn't say anything, as a subordinate of Brian's, Kate was the first to speak. She cautiously looked at Brian and politely greeted her: "good morning, CEO."

"Would you like some breakfast?" Kate then served sandwich and mineral water ingratiatingly.

Brian still did not look at her.

Feeling snubbed, Kate took back her breakfast. 'perhaps he has already had breakfast cooked by Zoey and doesn't like my breakfast at all, ' thought Kate She had better eat by herself

Kate drank a little water and felt sleepy as she didn't sleep well last night. She closed her eyes in order to have a rest. In a daze, there seemed be a big hand around her waist, and the chilly feeling gradually became warm.

When Kate got closer to the warmth instinctively, she held the heat source with her hands. She found a comfortable place and fell asleep deeply

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