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   Chapter 152 The Documents Lost

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Arriving at the gate of Li group's headquarter, Kate raised her head and looked up at the building which was almost in the sky. At the highest point of the building, Kate seemed to see Brian. He put his hands in his pockets gently and looked down at this land without any emotion in his deep eyes.

"Kate?" Lora called her name worriedly. Kate came back to her senses and lowered her head. Her head was like a pile of thick milk.

"I'm fine." Kate tried to smile at him.

She walked in front of Lora and entered the company first, followed by Lora immediately.

The elevator door opened and Kate slowly walked out. When she came to the door of the secretary room, she couldn't help but stop and looked at the CEO room next to the secretary room.

Would he be inside?

Then Kate returned to the Secretary office after a second.

"Miss Lesbian, the CEO asked me to inform you to wait for him at the door of your home tomorrow after packing." The sound of Jacob's punching came from afar, when Kate just sat on the chair.

Kate was stunned and wondered why she should wait for him at the door?

Kate who buried herself in work raised her head confusedly. She saw Jacob standing in front of her desk with a wicked smile, and Kate's back was a little cold.

"Why not?" Asked Kate.

"Business trip." "If I hadn't asked for leave, you wouldn't have had the chance," Jacob continued triumphantly

"……" Kate was speechless. She didn't want to take this business trip.

Jacob patted her on the shoulder, gazed at her and said solemnly, "come on. It depends on your performance tomorrow. Do it well!"

Kate felt pity for her poor shoulder. It was patted by Lily and Jacob today.

The secretarial room was big, but the voice of Jacob was not low, so soon everyone knew that Kate was going on a business trip with the CEO. As soon as Jacob left, Lea, next her looked at her with envy.

"It's a good chance, Kate!" Lea gave Kate a flirtatious smile.

Kate's face twitched. Lea had complained to her that taking a business with CEO was suffering.. The people in the secretary room had all taken business trip with Brian, because every time when he went on a business trip, Brian would select a secretary as an attendant, which could also test the Secretary's ability.

"Lea, do you seize so many chances?" Asked Kate.

The reply silenced Lea. All the secretaries who had been out of Brian knew that they could only get a small sum of money from her except working. And no one who dared to do anything disloyal to Brian who was a cold and indifferent man.

She had heard from Lea that there was a powerful secretary in the Secretary office, who tried to seduce the CEO when going on a business trip with the CEO. At last, the Secretary completely disappeared from the Li group.

Sitting on the other side, Vicky also heard what Jacob said. She held the pen tighter. If it weren't for Kate, the task of this business trip would definitely belonged to her.


ey are the secretaries of the deputy CEO, who is Agnes Wang with short hair and Eva Yi with long hair."

Both Agnes and Eva looked at Kate curiously. Kate smiled and introduced herself generously, "my name is Kate Luo. Nice to meet you."

"Oh, so you are Miss Luo, who was close to the little princess. Nice to meet you." It suddenly dawned on Eva and Agnes, then they greeted to Kate politely.

Kate was flustered. When did they tag her as 'be close with the little princess'?

Whether it was hypocrisy or sincerity, the secretaries could be familiar with only a few words. If they couldn't talk well. How could they get the position of the CEO's secretary?

Looking at the five people chatting happily, Kate kept silent. If it were in the past, she would be the person who enjoyed talking with them most in the team. But now she was really not in the mood.

As a spectator, Kate truly felt how hypocritical the people, including her, were. They pretended to know each other well even they were not very familiar with each other.

Just like when she first came to the Secretary office, she also entered the Secretary Office team in this way.

Kate felt stuffy in her chest and didn't eat much. She felt nauseated as if waves were billowing in her stomach. Kate hurriedly stood up. Seeing that Kate was not feeling well, Lea also stood up to help her to the bathroom.

With one hand on her mouth and the other on the tap, Kate vomited all the food she had eaten.

It was abnormal. She had only been pregnant for two months. How could she be so responsive. Looking at her haggard face in the mirror, Kate could not help feeling uneasy.

Is it because of my bad mood? Will the baby in my belly be affected Kate couldn't help touching her still flat lower abdomen, and her spirit that she managed to hold up was driven away by this vomiting.

'you are not alone. You have my baby. You can't lose.' thought Kate.

Kate looked at herself in the mirror and encouraged herself.

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