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   Chapter 151 Be lovelorn

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 10070

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Lily was a good cook. After all, she had taught Kate how to cook in Brian's villa. Now Kate could only be a helper. As for Lora, she could just wait outside.

After making the dinner, Lily was very reluctant to give it to Lora, but when she saw that Lora were so hungry for it, she felt very uncomfortable

"Oh my God! The little princess is so good at cooking." Lora was amazed. She never thought that the proud, arrogant and bossy princess would be not as arrogant as she thought, not to mention that Lily could cook!

Lily didn't say anything. She was afraid that Lora would be taken away all the food, so she quickly put all the delicious food in Kate's bowl. Kate put her hand on her forehead. With Lily and Lora there, the house would be very lively again.

After the dinner, Lily went into her room and do her homework.

Lying on the bed and staring at the back of Lily, Kate really wanted to ask, why did Lily not ask for advice from Zoey, but come to her? But Kate didn't want to hear anything about Zoey and Brian. Besides, she didn't know how to ask.

When a certain time had passed, Colin called Lily to sleep. Lily was obedient to tidy up her things and slept in the same bed with Kate.

The moonlight outside the window was pouring on the pure white quilt, adding splendor to the simple and simple room.

It was her first time to come to someone else's house. Lily couldn't fall asleep.

"Kate, I really want to go out to play with all of you one day, wherever we go." Suddenly, Lily gazed at the ceiling with her big round eyes.

Kate smiled bitterly. She understood Lily's thoughts. Too many things had happened recently. Not only Lily, she also wanted to relax herself. But she also knew that no matter where she went, she couldn't relax.

Brian who forgot her, the baby.. she had too many things to deal with.

"There will be one day." Kate said tiredly.

Although this day is far away for them now

"Yes." Lily replied in a low voice. Then she said with a smile, "this is the first time I spent the night at a friend's house." She tried to ease the atmosphere.

Kate smiled, "yes, it's my pleasure to be little princess's first time."

Lily turned around and gave that Kate a hard stare. Speaking of her first time, they both recalled what happened at the Li mansion.

It was too tough for Kate to talk about it. Everyone knew that Lily's innocence was destroyed by Brian because of the scene that morning. She would never forget the scene and the stinging blood on the sheet.

"I don't remember what happened that night." Lily's voice was soft, but still very clear in the empty room.

Kate closed her eyes and thought how to turn the page.

Lily looked at Kate and frowned. "Though I didn't remember anything that night, I still feel that the man is not eldest brother. It's not his smell."

Kate was in a daze for a while. She opened her eyes and turned around to look at Lily. Lily frowned and forced a smile. "Never mind. It's all over. M

she talked less than usual. In addition, there had been something unusual in the past few days. Lora could not help but feel a little confused. Thus, she stopped and turned around to look at her.

"Kate, did you quarrel with the CEO? The CEO used to send you to work, didn't he? " Lora couldn't help asking.

"I'm crossed in love." Kate said in a flat tone and forced a smile.

Lora stopped and looked at Kate in shock. Kate turned her face around and said with a smile, "it's not a big deal to be broke up in love, but it's unemployed. Don't be a dull girl here."

The chattering Lora became speechless, only staring at Kate for a long time and then said: "it's all right. Take it easy. I have told you that the CEO is hard to pursue. And to think it from another angle, you are lucky. You see, I have never touched the corners of CEO's clothes, at least you have touched them. Right? There are so many good men in the world, and the CEO is not the only one. He is more suitable to put his picture on the wall of the room... "

Lora gave full play to her nagging nature at the beginning. Along the way, Kate was tormented by her nagging, but someone didn't seem to have the intention to stop. Instead, he seemed to be getting more and more excited.

Kate put her hand on her forehead and thought that Lora was really worthy of her title as a student from the school of literature. First, she analyzed the situation, and then guided them to comment on the development trend of handsome men in the future

At last, Lora's sound disappeared in the crowd taking the subway.

Kate looked at the crowd, who were crowded by bus and subway. Life was so tough without CEO. She really missed the time when she was Brian's mistress. No, the time when she was a Brian's wife.

Brian's wife Kate's eyes darkened. She didn't know if Brian had seen the divorce agreement she put in the bedroom and whether he had signed his name?

She looked at the crowd with a dull look and suddenly was in a trance.

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