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   Chapter 148 You Look Familiar

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"Hello, Boss." Kate bent down modestly.

She wondered, 'didn't he go out to have meal with Zoey? Why did she suddenly return to the company? Was there something left in the office?

Brian walked gracefully to Kate, with fingers pinching her chin. She was forced to look up at him. He seemed to be thinner, with more distinct angles on the face. Although he was thinner, it was unable to hide his handsome, and even a different kind of beauty.

Being stared at by a man in the prison, Kate felt very uneasy. She looked around but didn't look at him.

After a while, Brian said suddenly, "you look familiar."

Kate's heart trembled all of a sudden.

"Did you cry?" Slightly frowning, Brian grabbed her chin loosened and turned to wipe the tears from her eyes.

This woman, everytime he saw her, would be a tearful look, and every time he saw her, she would be in a sorry state. He might not like such a woman, but every time, he would not feel disgusted.

Especially when he saw her coming out of the bathroom with red eyes and nose, his heart suddenly ached.

"I'm sorry." Kate pushed him away, lowered her head and said.

It was okay if he didn't remember her; it was okay he had Zoey; never be gentle to her again; just leave her alone

She was afraid of his tenderness.

"Why should you apologize?" Brian frowned. His impatience was obvious.

"Nothing Nothing. " Kate's hands were tightly held together, and she was lowering her head.

Before Brian got a chance to speak, Kate said: "I'm going to have lunch." As she spoke, she tried to bypass Brian and leave.

Looking at the retreating figure, Brian's face grew darker. No one wanted to escape from him. He stretched out his hand slightly and held Kate's wrist.

The strength of Brian was so great that Kate was unsuspecting. She staggered and fell into his arms uncontrollably. Brian's left arm held her waist tightly. Kate was shocked.

The feeling of being held in his arms It was so familiar that made her heart ache.

Kate slightly turned her eyes and looked at his right hand. It seemed that his right hand had not been moved, and it was kept downward. But he was so familiar with the left hand that people didn't notice the existence of his right hand.

It might not be a big deal to just depend on him

Kate could not help but slightly relax her body and rest her head against his chest.

"How's your right hand?" Kate slightly closed her eyes and slowly asked.

"Yes." Brian answered her curtly.

It was the expression which on Brian's face all the time. Even if he lost his right hand, he wouldn't yell at the top of his lungs, nor would he lose the grace that he was proud of. He was always so elegant, always standing high in front of everyone.

Kate didn't struggle. Brian didn't let her go. It seemed that they were meant to be together. He held h

the secretarial room. Staring at his receding figure, Kate felt upset. This ambivalent feeling made herself despise herself.

It was completely dark outside. Kate just finished sorting out the documents that Vicky mentioned and some other documents that needed to be directly submitted to the CEO. She lazily stretched herself, took the documents to his office and was about to submit to Brian.

Standing at the door of the CEO's office, Kate was a little scared. She wanted to see him, but she didn't dare.

She smiled with self-mockery. He might not be in the CEO office at the moment. He must be together with the gentle girl named Zoey

She raised her hand and knocked gently.

Unexpectedly, when she got the response from Brian, he was still there

Kate slowly walked in, but she still maintained a respectful posture. She came to Brian and put the document in front of him, "CEO, here is the document."

"Yes." With eyes fixing on the computer, Brian answered Kate casually.

Seeing this, Kate said slowly, "then I'll go out first." She said it in a very low voice as if it would disturb Brian's work.

If Brian really didn't notice her existence, then she could quickly sneak out of the CEO's office. She couldn't control Brian's aura, or she might be driven out of control by him.

And wasn't he going to have dinner with Zoey tonight? She'd better leave earlier, so that she wouldn't be blamed for Brian's being late for their date.

However, the reality was more cruel than the ideal.

Kate had walked to the door and was about to open it when Brian's cold voice came from behind. "Stop."

Kate was startled by his sudden voice. She turned around to look at him hesitantly. He hadn't read the document. Why did he ask her to stop?

As if seeing the confusion on Kate's face, Brian raised his head, stared at her and slowly said: "come here." His voice was as cold as usual.

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