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   Chapter 144 Kate Met Him

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In the ward, looking at the red rope on his wrist, Brian felt funny. Why was he wearing such kind of childish red rope?

He wanted to take off the rope but it was tied on his left wrist. His right hand was hurt, so he could not take it off.

Outside the window was sheer darkness. Although the darkness before dawn was the darkest time of the day, it was Brian's favorite period.

The small town was a little far from the Z city. Even if Kate took a private car, she couldn't get there until the next day when Kate and Justin came to the Z City.

Seeing the familiar scenery, Kate, who had dozed off a few times, immediately came back to her senses. Justin, who was driving in the front, frowned and said, "Just have a good rest. Don't push yourself too hard."

"Justin, take me to the hospital." It seemed that Kate didn't hear what Kate said and she said directly.

'To the hospital? Was Brian in the hospital? Was she so sad because of that?' Justin slightly turned the steering wheel and frowned.

They soon arrived at the gate of the hospital. At that time, it was bright. Kate rubbed her painful forehead and struggled to get off the car.

"Watch out," Justin went to hold her in a hurry.

"Thank you." Said Kate politely.

Kate looked up at the hospital and forced a smile. The last thing she wanted to see in her life was the hospital.

Then, Kate and Justin walked inside. Last night, Lily had told her the ward number and she knew where the ward was.

"You don't have to accompany me." Kate turned around and said to Justin softly.

Brian was a public figure, but there was no news about his car accident which meant that the Li group didn't want to let the news out. After all, it would affect the public credibility of the Li group.

Brian was just like the pillar of the Li group. There could be the news about his love affairs, but there couldn't be the news that he was badly hurt.

Seeing that Kate seemed to be in a dilemma, Justin didn't insist. He smiled and said, "Okay, I will wait for you at the gate of the hospital. "

"Okay, thank you." Said Kate softly.

Kate's thanks meant politeness and alienation. Justin just smiled, "Kate, I hope one day, you will no longer say 'thank you' to me."

Then Justin turned around and left.

Looking at the back of Justin, Kate couldn't know what feeling in her heart. She was destined to owe Justin and let him down.

Then, Kate turned around and left. Following the instruction given by Lily, she walked towards the door of a ward of Brian.

After she hesitated at the door for a while, Kate gritted her teeth and went in to see Brian. 'He might not wake up now, so it was fine. It's OK, Kate.'

Kate gently held her hands together and pushed the door open.

But she didn't expect that he woke up the moment she pushed the door.

A pair of familiar black eyes stared at her. Kate's nose suddenly twitched and her pale lips trembled. She didn't know what to say.


hite patient clothes. When she looked up, her sight met Brian's handsome face.

Kate was rigid as she met with Brian's cold, emotionless eyes. Then she recalled that Brian seemed to have forgotten who she was.

Kate rolled down from Brian and hurriedly apologized to him, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I fell asleep accidentally. "

"Get out." Hearing her apology, Brian was somewhat annoyed. He didn't like to hear her apology.

"Okay." Kate bowed and retreated quickly. Seeing that, Lily followed her closely.

Looking at Kate's slightly shaking body, Brian frowned. An unspeakable feeling arose in his heart. That woman looked so thin, as if a wind could blow her away...

Damn it! Brian picked up the vase on the table irritably and threw it on the floor. What on earth was the memory he had lost!

"Kate! Sorry... I shouldn't make a fuss. " Lily followed Kate and apologized sincerely.

It seemed that her brother has totally forgotten Kate. If it weren't for her shouting just now, they could have spent more time together.

"I'm Okay. I am the one who should say sorry. " Kate managed a smile. She turned her head and gazed at Lily's pretty face.

It was the first time Kate had seen Lily after that incident. The baby fat on Lily's face seemed to have faded away, which made her look more coquettish and mature in such a lovely and pure look.

Lily was growing up so fast.

After a long silence, Kate suddenly asked, "Lily, are you okay?"

Hearing that, Lily was stunned for a while before she realized what Kate was talking about. She lowered her head with a blush, and gently turned the hem of her clothes without saying anything.

"Lily, you can be with your brother. Tell him that you like him and I don't think he will refuse you this time." Kate smiled again.

Brian would not refuse again, because he had forgotten her. Moreover, he already knew that Lily was not his biological sister. It was not surprising that Lily was together without her.

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