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   Chapter 142 The Car Accident

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Kate waited from dusk till evening.

Kate didn't get any call from Brian. She fidgeted around and looked over to the door from time to time. She was getting more and more anxious as time went by.

"Kate, what's wrong with you?" Mary looked at Kate who was restless and asked confusedly.

Kate shook her head and walked to the door.

"I'll go to sleep. Don't stay up. Good night." Mary yawned, waved her hand at Kate, stood up and walked into her bedroom.

"Okay, I see." Kate forced a smile and sat back on the sofa.

It was ten o'clock.

It was eleven o'clock.

It was twelve o'clock.

A van suddenly appeared on the highway, out of control, and rushed straight towards a luxury car. The flames of the car dyed half the sky red. The voice of the ambulance reached far away in the quiet midnight.

It was four o'clock in the morning.

It was six o'clock.

Brian has not come in yet.

Kate looked blankly at the sky with a heavy mind. She kept calling Brian one, but only one voice repeated that the number you dialed is power off.

Kate's right eye kept twitching violently. She had heard from the old that left eye jump wealth, the right eye jump disaster. Her heart suddenly tightened. Had anything happened to Brian?

He asked her to wait for him...

A noise suddenly came from Mary's bedroom. Kate stood up from the sofa and stumbled into her bedroom supported by the sofa. After she locked the door of the bedroom, she collapsed onto the floor.

'No, it's not a big deal. Perhaps something happened to Lily, so Brian went back. The phone must have been out of power.

She better wait a little longer, he would appear. He had asked her to wait for him. She would wait for him to pick her up home with their unborn baby... Kate thought.

"Kate, Kate?" Outside the door, Mary suddenly shouted. Kate was stunned and then realized that she was so cold that she couldn't help shivering.

The sharp voice came again. Kate slowly stood up with the help of the door. She tried to keep her spirit up. She hadn't slept all night last night. If her mother knew that, she was going to be scolded again.

"What's wrong?" Kate opened the door and forced a smile to Mary.

For the first time, Kate found that forcing a smile was a painful thing for people, just for her this moment. Her mother was also tired. Kate didn't want to see Mary worried about her any more.

With a frown, Mary reached out her hand to feel the temperature of Kate's forehead. "Why does your body temperature rise again? Had you tucked yourself last night? "

Kate forced a smile and said, "Maybe I had kicked the quilt. "

"Go back and have a rest. The doctor said you couldn't take too much medicine and you should be more careful in the first two months. " Mary then pushed Kate back to the bed.

Kate's mind had been so heavy that could hardly stand. She staggered back a few steps after Mary gave her a push. Noticing that, Mary quickly came forward to hold her.

a daze, and asked hurriedly, "Brother Brian, do you still remember who I am?"

"Lily, don't try to be funny!" The handsome eyes of Brian froze.

Lily felt relieved. Then she raised her eyebrows again and asked, "Brother Brian, do you really forget who is Kate?"

Brian rubbed his forehead and asked in a hoarse voice, "Is she an important person I should remember? "

"Yes Ah... " Lily didn't know how to reply. She looked at Brian blankly. Brian seemed to have only forgotten Kate...

Brian didn't ask more questions. He wouldn't care too much about those unimportant people.

After coming out of the ward, Lily called Kate immediately.

On the other side, Kate was watching TV on the sofa. Her phone was still in her hand. So, when Lily called her, she reacted instantly.

"Lily..." It was the first time that Kate talked to Lily after that incident, which made her a little uncomfortable.

Although the scandal had subsided, the fact still couldn't be changed. There was no change in the relationship between Lily and Brian...

"Kate, where are you?" Lily wasn't afraid of that and asked.

"I'm at home, my hometown." Hearing Lily's impatient tone, Kate felt her heart missed a beat. Her hand holding the phone couldn't help trembling.

"Why did you go back to your hometown? Brother Brian had a car accident. " Lily complained with a frown.

A car accident...

Kate's brain was about to blow up. 'How could Brian have an accident? Didn't she tell him to be careful and not to drive so fast? Did his leg get hurt just as what happened to Ryan?'

Kate stared blankly at the TV. Her tears slowly fell down from her wide eyes. Her hands and feet froze, allowing the tears to flow wild.

Why did he...? How did that happen?

Kate still wanted to tell Brian that he was going to be a father... She thought they would meet soon... Kate's hanging heart was like being shot by a thousand swords. She gently covered her chest, and her heart was still very painful.

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