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   Chapter 132 The Inspection On The Construction Site

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Kate only took one day off before she came back to the company, along with Lily.

Kate browsed the recent documents and frowned.

According to Jacob, the materials had been sent to the holiday resort and Mr. Zhang was waiting for Kate to start the project. Of course, Kate wanted the project to be completed as soon as possible. Otherwise, this matter was always in her heart so that she felt uncomfortable.

"Lily, we have to go out for a while." Kate called Lily who was bending over the desk and staring at her.

Lily nodded and said, "Okay."

Kate touched her forehead and thought that Lily had been forcing herself to learn these days, and that was encouraged.

"Yes." Then, Kate put away the documents and left the secretary's office with Lily.

It had been a month since Kate came to the construction site last time. Kate froze a moment, 'How time flies! Brian and her have been together for a long time...'

"Is there anything funny here?" Lily jumped out of the car and looked around the wasteland wonderingly.

There were also dozens of iron sheet houses on the site and all the materials were neatly stacked on one side. As soon as Kate got out of the car, she saw Mr. Zhang come to her.

"Are you Miss Kate?" Mr. Zhang was a little surprised when he saw Kate.

"Yes. Mr. Zhang, nice to meet you. " Kate smiled and nodded politely to Mr. Zhang.

"Hello. I didn't expect Miss Kate to be such a young and beautiful girl. " Mr. Zhang responded with a smile.

Kate smiled and quickly got to the point, "How are you going?"

"Yes. It has already begun. This way, please." Mr. Zhang said politely.

Holding Lily's hand, Kate walked towards the place where the construction began. Seeing people coming, those workers stopped what they were doing and looked at them.

"It's so smelly here." All of a sudden, Lily said as she covered her nose.

Hearing Lily's words, Mr. Zhang hurriedly said, "how could it be smelly? People came to clean here every day."

Lily didn't talk to Mr. Zhang, but covered her nose in disgust.

"Lily, don't dislike this place. These workers have also been very tired." Kate thought Lily had smelled the workers' sweat.

"No, I didn't. It's just really smelly and pungent. " Lily frowned and said discontentedly.

"Haha, Miss Lily, you are very humorous. Miss Kate, let's go this way. It's cleaner here. " Mr. Zhang's face flashed with amazement. Flustered, he took Kate and Lily in another direction.

Kate, who was focusing on the construction site, didn't notice Mr. Zhang's evasive eyes.

Seeing that no one believed her, Lily kicked the stone under her feet in silence.

Kate walked around with Mr. Zhang and didn't find anything wrong. Mr. Zhang did a good job on security problems. After having a visit, Mr. Zhang wanted to have dinner with them, but Kate declined. Mr. Zhang didn't pester her, and Kate took Lily to a restaurant.

"Lily, why don't you eat?" Kate looked at Lily and frowned.

Kate remembered that Lily was not a picky

t group of men without bare arms.

The man in the front suit raised the gun, pointed it to the bald man, and said coldly, "Get out."

Seeing a real gun, the bald man hurried to get people away.

"Who are you?" Kate got up from the ground, looked at the group of men in suits in confusion, and all the men in suits didn't say a word. They quickly turned around and left.

What happened to these two groups of people?

Looking at the direction that the men in black suit disappeared, Kate slightly frowned.

"Kate, are you okay?" Lily hurried to hold Kate. She was going to clutch Kate's flesh.

Lily was still scared. Kate turned around to look at her, patted her head and smiled, "It's all right. Don't worry."

"Let's hurry up." Urged Lily.

Kate nodded and held Lily with her hands. She packed her stuff and slowly left the alley.

The bare armed men may be the workers on the construction site, or the workers nearby. But Kate was the person in charge of the construction site. How dared the workers provoke her?

And who were those men in black suit? The one that Lily called was Colin. Did they work for him? According to the time, those people should be near the construction site so they could get here so fast.

What was Colin's purpose to arrange people near the construction site?

"Don't go into the business of the Lis." Someone had told Kate these words...

Kate rubbed her aching head and there was like a ball of twine in her mind.

"Kate, this way, what are you thinking?" Lily asked Kate with a frown as she held Kate's arm.

"Nothing." Kate waved her hand. At this moment, she felt pain in her back.

'Damn it!

Those men beat a woman without any mercy!' Kate cursed in her mind.

Kate and Lily went back to parking space. When Peter saw them, he was shocked and asked, "What happened? "

"We are going to the hospital. Send us to the hospital first." Without replying Peter, Lily ordered.

Hearing what Lily said, Peter started the engine immediately.

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