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   Chapter 129 Take The Little Princess To The Company

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When Kate and Lily returned to the villa, Brian had already come back. He didn't say anything when he saw them come in.

After dinner, Lily went back to her room obediently. Kate didn't follow her because she knew she couldn't comfort Lily. She'd better leave Lily alone.

"Come here." Brian gently crooked his finger at Kate.

Kate stared at him. Sitting next to Brian reluctantly, she had too much to say.

"Are you very busy these two days?" Said Brian slightly.

"Yes..." Kate lowered her head with guilt.

Blake glanced at Kate with his darkened eyes and reached out his arms to hold her. He whispered in her ear: "kitten, don't let me down."

Kate was stunned and wondered what he wanted to say?

"Do you want to have some fruit? I'll wash it for you. " Kate stood up in a hurry, picked up a plate of fruit in front of the sofa and went into the kitchen. She did not dare to face him. His eyes were like torches, and were like sharp swords that pierced through the heart of people. He could see through all her thoughts.

She actually wanted to tell all the things to Brian, such as telling him that Lily's father was not William, or that they had met Lily's biological father, but this was her secret with Lily, and she could not say it. She didn't know how to explain relation between Lily and Colin.

She could only hide all these from him.

Alas Kate sighed and walked back to the hall.

"You spent half an hour." Brian raised his head, staring at her eyes, and said lightly.

Kate was shocked and she had been in a trance for a long time.

"Haha Let's eat... " Kate smiled wryly and handed the washed apple to Brian. She didn't say anything more.

Brian took the apple she handed and gently put back the fruit basket. Then he stood up, looked down at Kate, turned around and left.

There was only Kate left in the empty hall. She stared blankly at Brian's disappearing figure.

She could never guess what he was thinking. All his thoughts were traceless and he was even further hidden than Colin.

Standing in the hall for a long time, Kate staggered back to the bedroom. The light of the small study was on. She stood at the door of the study and just saw the side face of Brian, who was looking at his computer.

Facing the incandescent light, his handsome side face became more angular, which was difficult to figure out.

Kate's eyes darkened. She turned around and left.

After taking a shower, Kate went back to the bed. She felt drowsy and soon fell asleep when her head just touched the pillow.

After a long time, she felt someone lie down beside her and then the man held her in his arms. Kate didn't think who he was, but she hugged him back out of instinct.

"Kitten, don't be too smart. And don't get too involved in the Li family's affairs." In a trance, Kate seemed to hear someone talking to her, both real and illusory.

When Kate woke up, she found that Brian w

y him." Lily replied smilingly after thinking for a while.

Kate was a little stunned and asked with confusion: "why?"

"My eldest brother and second elder brother are the most important people in my life. Isn't it a good thing to live with them forever?" Lily replied.

Kate touched her forehead, looked at Lily seriously and said, "Lily, you are too naive. You will meet the one you love, who might even let you abandon your family."

Just like her.

Lily blinked her eyes, as if she didn't understand what Kate was talking about.

Kate shook her head and kept silent.

They came to a small private room. Although the environment here was also good, it was not as good as a five-star hotel. Lily looked around, bent over the table and started to count her fingers.

"Kate, how about we hold a birthday party for my brother on his birthday?" Lily suddenly looked up and asked.

"Okay." Kate replied as she was eating chicken legs.

Seeing that Kate didn't pay attention to it, Lily couldn't help rolling her eyes at her. However, Kate was accustomed to the way Lily looked at her. She continued to eat her chicken drumsticks in a good mood.

"You must learn to make a cake as soon as possible. And then you can make a cake for my brother," Lily ordered impolitely.

Kate tried hard to swallow and looked at Lily suspiciously. "Lily, do you like your brother very much? Or you don't like him now? "

Kate remembered that after Lily hung out with Colin, she changed into another person. Her affection for Brian also gradually disappeared, which confused her.

"Second elder brother has told me a lot. I know that eldest brother only treats me as his sister, so I'm not surprised to be rejected. I've been well prepared for it. I have been struggling desperately for so many years and it's time for me to let it go, isn't it? " Lily smiled.

Struggling desperately

Kate was speechless, and thought, 'she was so accurate in word.'.

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