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   Chapter 128 Lily and Colin

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Kate staggered to Lily's door and was about to push the door in, but was stopped by a scene from the crack.

Lily and Colin were in the room?

She was so surprised that she covered her mouth tightly with her hands. She She saw that Colin and Lily were kissing

Indeed, it was Colin who kissed Lily. Lily seemed to have not woken up from the coma and did not resist at all, being controlled by Colin. Kate's brain was blown up, and she was completely sober now.

How could Colin do such thing to Lily? Should she push the door?

When Kate was hesitant, she heard Lily's soft voice, "Brother? Where is Kate? "

Hearing that Michelle had woken up, Kate's Dangling Heart finally dropped to the ground and dashed back to her bedroom. She jumped into the bed and wrapped herself with the quilt, but she couldn't help shivering.

Colin Lily..

Don't tell her that they are not related by blood too

"Brother, why am I here?" Lily looked around in confusion, her mind in a mess. Wasn't she in the abandoned warehouse?

"I found you on the stone bench of the park. How did you and sister-in-law fall asleep in the park?" Colin frowned, with gentle eyes.

"I I saw my father... " After hesitating for a while, Lily confessed everything. She had never cheated Colin.

With knitted brows, Colin pulled Lily into his arms. "I'm so glad that you're fine. Maybe his creditor is here. Fortunately, they don't get you and sister-in-law involved."

"Creditor?" Lily was confused.

"I heard that he was in great debt due to gambling." Colin kissed her hair and said softly.

"Well, he said you caught him." Lily didn't buy it.

"Lily, do you believe me or him? Have brother ever lied to you? " Colin fondly gazed at Lily as he fondly stroked her cheeks.

Lily paused for a while and shook her head. Her second elder brother had never lied to her. She trusted Colin.

"But he is my father..." Lily couldn't believe Mike lied to her.

"People will change. The world is a mess. Lily, just stay with me forever." Said Colin gently, and then gently held Lily in his arms.

I just want you to stay with me forever.

A sudden knock on the door startled Kate, who was hiding in the quilt and shivering. Then she heard Lily's voice. "Kate, are you awake?"


Kate jumped from the bed, wrapped in quilt, and went to open the door. Her face became even paler when she saw Colin standing beside Lily. Didn't Lily know anything about the incident

"What's wrong with you? Do you have a fever? " Lily frowned and raised her hand to feel Kate's forehead.

"Yes I'm sweating... " Kate didn't dare to look at Colin's face.

Colin said still with the gentle voice, "sister-in-law, you go back to bed first, I'll call the doctor over."

"Well Okay... " Kate's mind was still in a mess. She staggered back to the bed and lied down.

Why did this happen to her?

Lily fo

ger sister really fell in love with his younger sister. As their brother, what would he do? But considering Brian's capability, he would definitely guess what she wanted to say if she told him something

Kate was depressed.

Not allowing Kate to calm down for a few minutes, Lily came in.

"What's wrong?" Lily's hesitant look confused Kate.

"Do you know where my father is? Shall we go back to have a look? Or shall we call the police? " Lily asked hesitantly.

Hearing this, Kate immediately sat up and nodded: "let's go."

Maybe there would be the evidence she wanted at the scene.

"Yes, yes." Lily nodded in agreement.

Lily looked at Kate who was full of energy. She thought that Kate didn't look like a person who caught a cold

When the two of them returned to the abandoned warehouse of the park, there was no change in the warehouse, not even a trace of Mike. Clearly, the slightly wet floor had been cleaned by someone. Kate walked around the abandoned warehouse, but found nothing.

Where is he now?

"What should we do?" Lily tugged at the corner of Kate's dress, her voice trembling with fear.

"It's okay. We have to think positively. Maybe your father has already left Z City safely. After all, he can escape from Colin. This time he can definitely escape." Kate tried to comfort her with a smile.

That's all I can say now. Kate doesn't know what else to say. Should I tell Lily that I thought your father had passed away.

"Let's go home." Kate said to Lily. They slowly walked out of the abandoned warehouse, hand in hand.

By this time, the sun had already set, and the lights on the roadside were lit up one after another. The city where the superstar left had regained its peace.

Lily didn't say anything on the way. And Kate just followed her. Lily and her dad had just met with each other for less than a day, and they had been apart. This must be very uncomfortable.

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