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   Chapter 127 The Death Of Mike

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Peter had been waiting for them there.

There were still a lot of people. Kate looked out of the window. Although she didn't tell Lily, she was still a little uneasy at the flash of a black figure in front of the warehouse door. Was it an illusion or someone really passed by? And if someone really passed by, who would be the one behind him?

About the dairy in Juliet's room that Mike told Lily, what was recorded on it?

Kate's mind was in a mess.4

"That green candy is delicious. What's its name? I'll ask second elder brother to buy it for me later." Lily's voice brought Kate back to her senses. She smiled, "what is Green candy? It's marshmallow."

"That's not same as what I have seen." Lily retorted with a frown.

"You buy it in the mall. It is not real marshmallow " Kate smiled and pinched Lily's cheek.

"……" Lily stared at Kate angrily. Kate stopped and thought the little princess had temper.

Back to the villa, Brian waited for them in the hall.

"Brother, I ate a large lollipop just now." Lily threw herself into Brian's arms and said sweetly.

"Well, take some tissue to wipe your mouth and wash your face." answered Brian. Then he stared at Lily's swollen eyes and frowned.

"Okay," With her eyes winking in disbelief, Lily jumped out of Brian's embrace and ran to the bathroom to wash her face.

Kate felt stressed to be with Brian alone.

"Where did you go?" Brian asked.

Puff Kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk Kate coughed violently. She thought that Brian didn't care about these things, but he just didn't ask Lily.

"We went to a park." Kate replied honestly.

"I don't think you went to park just because you were bored." Brian said in a cold voice.

Kate thought to herself, 'sure enough, it's not easy to perfunctory with Brian.'. Kate thought for a while and said with a smile, "we found a stray dog in the park. It was pitiful. Lily was afraid it would rain tonight. We want to make a home for it."

She looked around, but never looked at Brian.

Brian slightly frowned, and after a long time he said, "you'd better think of a reason I agree with your lie, or..."

The last suspension points were full of threats.

Kate shrank her head, thinking that Brian and Lily were not from the same world Lily didn't have a sharp sight as Brian did

When Lily came out, their talk stopped abruptly.

"Brother, I want to sleep with Kate tonight." Lily held onto Brian's arm and pleaded.

Brian tapped her on the forehead and chuckled. "When did your relation with Kate get better?"

Kate felt deeply ashamed. It was all because of Mike that they had to discuss with each other about tomorrow's plan.

"I just want to find someone to sleep with me." Lily went on acting in a pettishly charming manner.

Kate was very worried about Brian's arm. She was afraid that Lily would break his arm

At last, Brian had no choice but to push Lily away. "I can only borrow her to you for one night."

"Okay, o

where in the abandoned warehouse.

Colin put the gun back and said, "dispose of the body."

Then he picked up Lily and looked at Kate on the ground, then ordered coldly, "take her into the car."

A dozen men in black suits were left, leaving the dilapidated warehouse behind.

"Lily, don't worry. We'll be fine. No one can threaten us one day." Colin obsessively looked at the girl in his arms and gently stroked her pink cheeks.

Kate felt something vibrated. 'is it a car?' she thought?

But the pain in her neck made her unable to open her eyes. She only heard someone call Lily, but soon, the pain came again and she fell asleep again.

The second time she woke up, she was on the familiar bed. Kate opened her eyes in a daze. The surroundings made her feel very familiar: the familiar curtains, the familiar ceiling, and the familiar desk.

This was the bedroom of Brian's.

She slowly opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. When did she go back to Brian's bedroom. She remembered that she and Lily went to the abandoned warehouse to find Mike and wanted to send him out of Z city.

She heard Mike shouted at Lily to let her run, but the next second, both she and Lily seemed to have been knocked out and no one knew where they were.

Kate checked her body in a hurry. There was nothing wrong with her clothes

Who sent her back?

Where was Lily? Where is Mike?

A series of questions flooded into her mind. Her head was heavy and she couldn't sort it out.

Her temples throbbed suddenly. Who hit her? Before she fell down, she seemed to see the face of Colin. Could it be done by Colin?

And just sent them back because the man was Colin?

Kate's mind was in a mess. She massaged her painful temple and sat up slowly from the bed. She could still feel the pain on her neck. She shook her head. If it were Colin, Lily would be safe. But what if she was wrong?

Kate struggled to get up, put on her shoes and staggered towards the door.

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