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   Chapter 126 Send Mike Away

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"That's why you like him? Oh my God... " Kate patted her forehead and tried her best to persuade Lily to give up the idea a few days ago. For this, she seriously investigated a lot about morality and high rates of genetic disease.

"Idiot." Lily gave her a disdainful look.

Kate hugged her and said, "alright. I don't mind you being my rival in love. I'm not afraid of you. But it's all over. Since you tell me, I'll keep this secret for you. "

There were two reasons why Lily told this to Kate. One was that she trusted Kate. The other was that Lily was an innocent and simple girl. She wouldn't lie with smile. Second, perhaps Lily no longer cared about what the Li family had given her. Third, Lily needed help.

"Kate, do you think my brother will dislike me when he knows it?" Lily looked at Kate in fear and asked.

"Of course not." Kate knew that Brian loved this sister so much that their relationship could not be based only on blood relationship. Lily was still sister of Brian even without blood relationship.

"Okay, I'll trust you for once." Lily stared into her sincere eyes and said after a long pause.

Kate and Lily lied on the bed. Kate turned around and asked, "what are you going to do in the future? Looking at the wounds on Mike's body, it was caused in the recent months. Maybe it was not long after he came to Z city that he was found by Colin. If he is found again, he can't escape. "

Lily stared at the ceiling blankly. After a long while, she suddenly sat up from the bed and said, "Kate, how about we send him out of Z City? Z city is under Li family's control. It is difficult for him to go out alone. "

"That's right. If he could escape, he wouldn't have wandered in Z City for so long like a beggar. Lily, why don't you go and beg your brother? " Asked Kate.

When they talked about Colin, Lily's mind went blank. "Brother never wanted to keep him alive. Mike could run away successfully because brother was not capable enough at that time."

Lily still remembered the coldness in Colin's eyes when he looked at Mike.

Kate couldn't help smacking her tongue. She didn't expect that Colin would be so cruel. It seemed that neither of the Li brothers was to be trifled with.

"Lily, don't you think that your second elder brother is too concerned about you? Don't you find it strange? " Kate asked with confusion as she thought of a question that had been haunting her for a long time.

"There is nothing strange. My brother has always been like this since childhood." There was no change in Lily's face.

'well, She was used to it.'.

"How about How about we take him back to the villa? " Lily was still worried about Mike.

"No. your second brother often comes to see you, and it's hard to explain the situation for Brian." Kate denied it at once. She thought that as long as there was any change in the villa, Brian would notice. She admired his sharp insight.

Kate and Lily came

ly looked at Kate and said with certainty. She had nobody to say except for Kate.

Only when Mike heard the affirmative tone from Lily did he feel relieved.

It was getting dark. Mike urged them to leave because it was not safe in Z city at night, especially recently.

Kate nodded and pulled Lily out of the abandoned warehouse.

"I hope everything goes well tomorrow." Lily looked at the beautiful red sky of Z city. Her hands clasped together, silently praying.

"Yes, everything will be smooth." Kate said with absolute certainty. She believed that tomorrow would be a good day.

"Yes." Lily also smiled.

The park was very lively. The family went out to play in two or three numbers. Kate was leaning on the railings by the lake, while the air coming from the lake was fresh. Lily was also leaning on the railings, gazing at the vast lake.

"Lily, let's travel around the world in the future!" Opening her arms, Kate thought of the freedom she looked forward to.

Lily rolled her eyes at her. "You have to get my brothers' permission first."

"Then let's go together!" Kate laughed. Her bright and warm smile was soothing.

Lily also laughed happily. The breeze on the lake made her feel cool and comfortable.

They slowly walked back to the gate. On the way, Kate saw her favorite marshmallow. She touched her pocket, and there seemed to be one dollar left. Well, it should be enough.

"Aunt, give me an apple flavored marshmallow."


Kate handed a large piece of marshmallow to Lily, and said with a smile, "Have a taste, it's very delicious."

Lily looked at the green marshmallow in confusion. "It can eat?"

Kate put it directly into Lily mouth. Instantly, her mouth was filled with a sweet taste.

"Yummy!" Lily said with a puzzled look.

"Of course." Kate smiled and took Lily away. Lily was obediently following her.

In an instant, Kate felt that he was like a bad uncle who abducted and sold children

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