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   Chapter 124 Sending Food

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Kate casually lay on the bed and looked up at the little star Lily said earlier that she was giving it to Brian.

"Do you still want to give it to him?" Kate asked, pointing at a bunch of stars.

"Yes." Lily nodded her head in agreement. Anyway, she wanted to give it to Brian.

"When are you going to give it to him? It's Valentine's day. " Kate was so boring that she was very interested in other people's affairs like Lora.

Lily rolled her eyes at Kate, "don't you know when your brother's birthday is?"

Kate was a little stunned. It seemed that she didn't know about Brian's birthday.

"One week later." She looked at Kate with disgust.

Kate was stunned, 'so soon?'?

"You really haven't prepared anything?" Lily shot Kate a suspicious glance.

"really not..." With a guilty conscience, Kate lowered her head. She didn't even know his birthday. How to prepare for his birthday. Fortunately, Lily had told her about this.

"Kate!" Lily was so angry that she shouted again.

Kate rubbed her aching ear. It's not she forgot to prepare gifts for the little girl, why did she shout.

"Prepare gift right now," Lily added, "I really don't know how you can be his wife? He often forgets his own birthday. How can't you know that? "

Kate shrank back her head and felt so annoyed to be scolded by a girl who was younger than her.

"Well, I'll just go out to buy one." Kate interrupted Lily.

"Go out to buy one? No, you have to do it yourself. " Lily said.

Lily began to teach Kate a lesson of the 'three obediences' and' four virtues'! Kate was now bathed in shame. It turned out that Lily was not silly, she was focusing on being a good mother and a good wife

"Stop it. Okay, I know. Tell me what you want me to send to your brother." Kate covered her ears and shouted.

This girl was just like Brian's mother.

"Brother likes..." After a moment's hesitation, Lily said, "it seems that he doesn't like anything..."

"……" Kate felt awkward.

"You can give him DIY bracelet, DIY phone hanginig or doll. There are a lot of models online. You can search for them quickly." Lily counted with fingers.

Kate glanced at Lily and said indifferently, "you have done research on it."

"Yes, I have been thinking about it for a long time." Lily raised her nose proudly.

Kate waved her hand and said, "never mind. I'll know what I should buy when I go out." Kate was not good at handcraft. He would rather buy one directly than do one.

Lily glared at Kate. All her words were in vain.

"By the way, Lily, please teach me how to cook." Kate sincerely held Lily's hand.

"Okay." Lily agreed quickly and jumped down of the chair as well.

"Haha, Lily, you're so nice to me!" Kate complimented Lily. Lily looked a little awkward. She snorted and turned her head to the other side, explaining, "I'm worried abo

girls leaning against each other when Brian and Colin came in. As soon as they spotted them, Lily pushed Kate away and ran towards them happily.

Colin came forward first and held her in his arms.

"My brothers, come here and have dinner." Lily raised her head and flashed a sweet smile to Colin. Colin nodded with a smile and walked to the sofa, holding her hands.

It was not until Brian sat down next to her that Kate realized that Brian was back.

"Why are you dressed like this?" Brian frowned and looked at her with disgust.

"Did I look like a delivery guy?" Kate looked up and grinned.

"Yes." With his arms around her waist gently, Brian kissed her on the cheek.

Kate blushed and lowered her head.

Staring at Kate's dress, Lily curled her lips and said, "You're not a delivery guy, but a beggar."

Beggar? Kate frowned.

Colin smiled and opened the meal basket. The strong smell of the dishes filled the room, warm and full of the smell of love.

"This is cooked by Kate and me. Please have a taste." Lily took the plate out and smiled brightly.

"Did you take part in it?" Brian looked at Kate with distrust.

Kate stared at him, patted her chest and said, "of course. I might be the best chef in the future. "

"You don't even know how to wash vegetables." Brian added.

His words irritated Kate so much that she pinched his waist hard. Anyway, she didn't come to work now, so there was no need to be afraid.

They had a good time during the meal.

In the spare time, Kate glanced at the couple sitting opposite. Colin frequently helped Lily with food and wiped her mouth from time to time. Their act was so intimate that it seemed that they were not brother and sister.

Damn it

The relationship between the whole family was so complicated

Well, maybe it was because her mind was too complicated

The thought of it made Kate sweat profusely.

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