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   Chapter 123 Happy Days

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In the end, Kate was the first to hang up the phone. She didn't want to interrupt his work because she knew there was something important for Brian.

Holding the slightly hot cellphone, Kate felt very satisfied. It was so good to be with him. It turned out that the happiness she had wildly hoped for was so simple that she could get it only by a call.

In the VIP suite in the Black Soil.

"Is that from sister-in-law?" Elmore looked at Brian gently and asked with a smile.

"Cut the crap. Just say it." Brian glanced at Elmore with a dull expression, and his voice became as cold as usual.

Elmore tut and sighed, "I didn't expect that you would care about your family."

Under the attack of the harshly eyes of Brian once again, Elmore said repeatedly, "Okay, okay, let's get to the point."

It was late at night. Kate was lying in bed, tossing and turning. And Mary didn't reply.

Kate had also asked Mary this question, but Mary did not answer her at that time. Could this indicate that her mother really knew it. Was it because her mother didn't dare to face Brian, not because she hated him, but because she was afraid of him.

Because this kind of love should not have existed in the world. Mother was afraid that she would have extravagant hopes. If we did not meet, we would not have contacts. This was what mother wanted, and mom's heart was still filled with love for William.

Kate was shocked by this idea.

How could her mother still be thinking about William? She hated him so much. Kate smiled bitterly and put this thought behind her.

In a daze, Kate seemed to feel that someone was lying next to her, and a smell of alcohol invaded her nose. She opened her eyes slightly, and the bedroom's light wasn't turned on. In the cold moonlight, she dimly saw the face of Brian.

He's back? For some reason, Kate reached out and touched his face, as if she didn't believe the man in front of her at all.

"Kitten, I'm back." The man's big hand gently grasped the hand on his cheek. His voice was with a strong smell of alcohol, which made people can't help but indulge in.

"Are you drunk?" Kate came to her senses slowly, stared at his eyes and asked.

Although she questioned, the concern in her tone was more than anger.

"A little." With a smile, he leaned forward and pressed her under him. The smell of alcohol surrounding her, he bent over and finally kissed her on the lips.

Her smell was much better than that of wine. Brian was tossing and rolling on her lips, enjoying all her fragrance that only belonged to her, lingering and touching for a long time.

Kate hadn't woken up yet. But her

no reply to her message, and her phone was turned off. It seemed that she had disappeared from the world.

"Hey, What does this sentence mean?" After a while, Lily reluctantly put her book in front of Kate reluctantly. Lily asked her about a poem. Kate took the book from Lily and casually wrote a hundred words. "Read it yourself," she handed the book back to Lily.

Lily stunned. Kate had beautiful and elegant handwriting, which made her look a little heroic.

Seeing Lily stunned face, Kate laughed and joked, "are you shocked by my talent?"

Lily's admiration was completely shattered by the narcissistic words of Kate. She rolled her eyes and said word by word, "absolutely impossible."

Kate shrugged her shoulders and continued to leaned her body against the head of the bed. Later, when she felt tired, she directly slept on Lily's bed. Lily really wanted to kick Kate off the bed, but she knew that she would not be able to win Kate. He tried to endure it, and still did not move his foot.

When she woke up, she found that Lily was still doing her homework. Kate was very embarrassed. How hard the child was. She was so shy. Kate took a look at the warm sun outside the window and was suddenly in a good mood. She stretched herself.

Then she lied down on the bed, sleeping, eating and playing. These were the most wonderful moments in the world.

Lily rolled her eyes at Kate. She really didn't understand why her brother had a crush on this woman. Apart from her beautiful appearance and excellent academic performance, what other advantages did she have? She was like neither a lady nor a quiet girl, lazy and violent. She wondered if this woman would bully her elder brother

Lily shook her head and studied, just like an adult.

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