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   Chapter 122 Vicky And Colin

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After listening to Caro's words, Kate was more sure that Mary must have known or guessed that William had a family, but she might be waiting for William's explanation. It also indicated that William wanted to make it clear to Mary because he brought Mary to the company at that time.

If it had not been for her illness, those things would not have happened.

Kate couldn't taste the food, because she was thinking this thing.

After lunch, the three of them went back to the Secretary's office. At this time, Vicky also arrived.

As Kate thought of the scene that Vicky and Anna met each other, she could not help but feel a little uneasy.

"Vicky, is the baby all right?" When Lea saw Vicky, she walked up and asked with concern.

Vicky glanced at Kate and answered Lea with a smile, "It's fine. It's just a cold."

"Well, it's easy to get cold in this season." Caro said with a smile.

"That's good. Be careful next time." Kate also forced a smile.

Vicky stared at Kate who didn't look at her in the eyes. Kate just giggled and sat back in her seat. She began to work without knowing the truth. God knew that her heart had turned over a lot of times.

Never mind, just do what I want. Kate clenched her fist. I don't like this kind of dodging life. I hope that I can stand in front of everyone with Brian fair and square, and I hope I can get my mother's sincere blessing. '. No, as long as it was her mother's wishes, even if it was false, Kate was willing to accept.

Though Kate knew that Vicky wouldn't say it out casually, she was still very uneasy. Vicky's existence was like a time bomb which could explode her at any time. It was just not the right time yet.

"Kate, can you help me with these papers? I need to go out for a while. " Suddenly, Vicky spoke over Kate's head. She also put a pile of documents in front of Kate.

Kate was a little stunned and raised her head to look at Vicky. Vicky smiled in a strange way as if she had seen through her secrets one by one with her long and narrow eyes.

Kate felt very uncomfortable being gazed at by her, and her buttocks seemed to be sitting on nails, trying to stand up and escape.

Even so, Kate still had to bite the bullet to look at Vicky and smiled: "OK, go ahead with your business." Then she naturally took the documents.

Without any hesitation, Vicky turned around and left.

After Vicky was a few meters away, Kate looked up at Kate, and her hands went wet.

Kate, you are really becoming more and more timid She was so timid that she almost failed to recognize herself. Kate sneered at herself.

After tidying up some documents, Kate stood up and stretched herself. It was autumn now, but she felt boring staying in the Secretary office and wanted to escape.

Then, Kate walked out of the Secretary's office, and was about to walk around.

Wasn't it Vicky and Colin standing on the balcony? Kate frowned and immediately hid herself, but she wa


Kate had been looking for an opportunity to defend William.

But in the end, Kate still didn't text back. She sent a message to her mother: "mother, have you already known that William has a wife? If so, do you hate him or Juliet? "

After that, Kate also sent a message to Brian, "when will you come back?"

The two messages put together made Kate feel funny.

As soon as she sent the message, a call from Brian came in.

"Hello." Then Kate held the phone and hid herself in the quilt.

"Are you lonely in the villa alone?" Brian chuckled and asked.

On Brian's side, it was not as noisy as Kate thought. On the contrary, it was very quiet.

"How do you know I'm alone in the villa?" Kate was shocked.

"Just now, Lily called me and asked where I am. She stressed that you were alone in the villa." It sounded that Brian was in a good mood.

"Hey, that girl knew how to care about me. She stared at me coldly just now." Kate blurted out in surprise.

"Lily is not a bad girl." Said Brian.

Kate unhappily said, "yes, I'm narrow-minded."

Brian laughed. Kate, who was hiding in the quilt, could even hear the low laugh from Brian. She was a little stunned and then smiled.

"I will come back very late tonight. Don't wait for me. Go to sleep first." Brian continued after a pause.

"I didn't plan to wait for you." Kate replied rapidly.

"I don't believe you." Without any hesitation, Brian said decisively as if he was just telling the truth.

Kate was speechless. It didn't matter even if she was going to wait 'not ashamed

"Well, I'm going to sleep. Good night." Kate said unsatisfactorily.

"Yes." Answered Brian.

Though she said so, Kate's phone was still sticking to her ear, waiting for him to hang up. But after waiting for a long time, Brian didn't hang up. Kate asked hesitantly in a low voice: "are you still there?"

"Yes." When Kate just finished, Brian said.

Both of them burst into laughter.

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