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   Chapter 121 The Company's Past

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The next day, Lily's face didn't look as bad as last night, but her swollen eyes were still not very beautiful.

She was still a little angry with Kate. She angrily placed the toasted fish in front of her. Kate felt cold on her back and looked up at Lily. Was this girl treating her as a toasted fish

After breakfast, Kate went to work with Brian. Lily's eyes were swollen and she was too embarrassed to go out. So she could only stay at home, being depressed.

On her way to the company, Kate suddenly saw Anna, who she hadn't seen for a long time. She was simply sitting next to the window of a cafe, and opposite her, there seemed to be a person sitting on the other side. Kate was a little stunned.

The cafe was on the side of the road. Suddenly, she had a bad feeling. As the car drove, Kate gradually saw the person sitting opposite to Anna


Why? Why did Vicky have coffee with Anna? What were they talking about?

Did Anna tell Vicky everything

Kate's heart raced.

However, even if Vicky knew about this, it wouldn't do her any good. Maybe it was just a gathering of her two good friends. Kate patted her chest to calm herself down.

She was not afraid of gossip about her relationship with Brian because they did get married. She was afraid that it would get worse if her mother knew it.

No, it couldn't be.. Kate muttered.

Hearing this, Brian turned around and frowned: "what's wrong?"

"Ah.. Nothing. Hahaha... " On hearing this, Kate came to her sense and laughed, but she didn't explain anything.

Hearing that, Brian frowned, but said nothing.

When she arrived at the company, Kate hoped that she had seen it wrong and that Vicky was working in the Secretary office. This way, she could be relieved. But when she returned to the Secretary office, she saw that Vicky's position was empty.

Vicky didn't come to work today.

"Where is Vicky? Didn't she come today? " Kate asked Lea with a big smile.

"I heard that Vicky's baby got sick, so she asked for half a day's leave," Lea answered

"Okay!" Kate nodded stiffly.

"What's wrong? You look a little weird. " Lea looked at Kate with a suspicious look, Kate regained her composure and said with a smile, "nothing. I'm just surprised. I didn't expect that Vicky would also ask for leave. I thought only casual people like me would skip work."

Without any doubt, Lea smiled and said, "you're so great that you won't be fired by our boss. If we dare to ask for leave so often, we'll definitely be fired."

Kate was in a cold sweat. It seemed that she really had a lot of privileges.

Back to her room, she kept feeling uneasy.

"Miss Lesbian, this is the team responsible for the construction of the villa. You contact their captains. According to your requirements, the designers have draft designs and sent them to your email." Jacob put a pile of documents in front of Kate.

Kate was shocked.

"Look carefully and work hard." Jacob smiled and suddenl

had worked with Brian for eight years, she might have met her mother, because her mother had been working as William's Secretary for a while.

"About two years," Replied Caro.

Kate was thrilled and asked, "do you know a girl called Mary?"

"Yes, I do. We were colleagues at that time. And Mary was the personal secretary of the old CEO. Within a week, the elder CEO's wife came here. Coincidentally, he was on a business trip, and Mary was left at home. The old CEO's original wife took people outside as she couldn't found anyone in the company. " Said Caro.

Kate knew that Mary didn't have a business trip with William because Kate was ill. Since she was sick and needed someone to take care of her, then Mary stayed and look after her. At that time, Mary was pulled out of the hospital by Juliet. She was having an intravenous drip. The situation was totally out of her expectation.

"I haven't seen Mary since then. From that day on, the Li group fell from a middle-class company to the low, barely in the middle. " It seemed like Caro was recalling the past, reminding everything that had happened.

In the end, Caro shrugged her shoulders and said, "the right and wrong of rich families cannot be seen clearly by others. Let's stop talking about it. It's really hard to make it clear."

"What are you thinking about, Lea?" Seeing Lea lost in thought, Caro couldn't help teasing her.

Looking at Kate, Lea scratched her hair and said, "I seem to remember your information. Mary is your mother? "

All of a sudden, the chopsticks fell from Kate's hand. In a panic, she bent down to pick them up.

"Shut up! Shut up!" Seeing that Lea was about to say something, Caro stopped her and Lea didn't say anything more but shrank her head back.

Kate lowered her head and ate without saying anything.

Caro exchanged a knowing look with Lea and shifted the topic back to another topic. Kate looked at Caro gratefully. Caro adjusted her glasses and smiled at her.

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